Adolf Hitler

Hitler On the Rise

Born in Austria in 1889, Hitler was always one who encountered hard times. While an adolescent, Hitler's mother died from a battle with cancer. Her death left an unmistakeable and devastating effect on Hitler that followed him through his whole life. Later on in life Hitler wanted to become a famous painter and applied to the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts, but was later rejected by the academy. In Vienna, he acquired his very brutal anti-Semitism ideals and thus the hatred of all who went against his beliefs started.

During World War I, Hitler proved to be a capable solider and was rewarded the Iron Cross. Later on in the war, Hitler was gassed and sent away to recuperated, which also gave him time to stew over many of his beliefs and allow his rage towards others increase. After the war Germany was in a state of disrepair and was unstable, which posed the perfect time for Hitler and the newly formed Nazi Party to rise to power. After many months of campaigning, Hitler lost many of his first elections, but then rose to power when Ernst Rohm declared Hitler dictator of Germany. Hitler had risen to the power he dreamed of and is using all of it that he can before he goes down.

The "Beliefs" to Follow

Hitler believes in many things, among these things he thinks he found the perfect race, the Aryans. Aryans are of white skin, blonde hair, blue-eyed, and German. Germans are apparently "better" than all others. Hitler also believed that Jews were inferior. Christians, with the help of Nazi philosophy, were of the best religious people. Hitler is also a huge fan of anti-Semitism. Hitler is also completely against the idea of communism, mainly because it goes against all he is for. Finally, Hitler also blamed the Jews for the failing economy of Germany and has a great hatred towards them.

Reward - $9,000,000-$10,000,000

Stop the Madness Before it Takes Over You!

Rebellion Against the Law

Hitler is wanted for his carelessness and cruelty towards human beings. He has murdered a mass amount of Jewish and other "inferior" races without a second thought. This mass killing is now known as a genocide. He has also condoned and supported the forced "experimentation" of human beings. Hitler is also wanted due to his abandonment of the rule of law. His totalitarian rule causes a dangerous risk towards others and the civil liberties. Hitler is most wanted for his involvement in WWII and the breaking of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler has stopped making reparations for WWI and re-miltaritzed his country, and he has Hitler has also annexed many countries, which under the treaty is forbidden.