Beam Team

Experienced International Teaching Couple

Experienced Educators

We are a teaching couple from North Carolina with over 40 years experience in public and international education.

Blair is a Visual Arts teacher with a BA in Art Education, K-12 certification. He also has his Masters in School Administration.

Kimberly is a School Library Media Coordinator with a BS in Elementary Education (K-6) and a Masters in Library Science.

We are seeking teaching positions for the 2016-2017 school year!

Our History

We were both born and raised in the small town of Cherryville, North Carolina. Both of us attended college in our great state and all but a couple of years, we have taught in public schools in and around our home. It wasn't until about 8 years ago, that we realized one could teach something other than "English" outside of the USA. Our curiosity grew as we researched and talked with others who had done just that. They best kept secret was out, and we then started a mission to go overseas and TEACH! in 2011, we accepted teaching positions at the Universal American School in Dubai. Blair taught upper elementary art and I taught lower elementary technology. We were blessed to have had our only son, move with us and attend school together. Although he had the absolute best experience ever, the International Baccalaureate program was not ideal for him at that particular time. So after our two year contracts, we moved home for him to complete his last two years back in traditional public school. Now that he is in university, we are excited about the opportunity to teach abroad again... so we are seeking teaching positions for the next school year!