The 1960's

U.S. History

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson

The Great Society

LBJ took over as president after JFK's assassination. He continued to work on issues that Kennedy had begun to address in a very successful way. He created the civil rights act to address issues with civil rights. He also, like Kennedy, created VISTA (domestic peace corps), and Head Start; a program to improve education. He also made many programs and things to help address poverty such as low income housing and medicare. LBJ and JFK both have had a lasting impact on America through their work towards civil rights, education improvement, and ridding America of poverty.
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Miranda VS. Arizona

Civil Rights for All

I think the Supreme Court was right in their ruling because it was unconstitutional and they were stripped of their rights. However, the Miranda rights seem to be a way for ones self to avoid persecution and to protect themselves from incrimination. The Miranda rights are a prime example of civil rights. Everyone has the same rights and they cannot be deprived of those rights. If they are, it is deemed unconstitutional.