Welcome Back to School!!!

Lincoln Street School Update - September 14, 2020

Dear LSS Families,

I am so happy to have the school year underway. Today marks a new beginning in an era of "firsts"--some positive, some negative. Today is definitely a positive first. It is the first day of your child's new school year, and the first day of a revamped, rethought, and reorganized instructional model.

It is easy to get lost in the frustration generated from the myriad of changes occurring in our world. The change in our schedules from summer to school, the change in season, weather, routines, the unpredictability of our day-to-day lives, our employment, and the obvious change in what school looks and feels like are all just a few of the changes in all our lives.

I ask you all to enjoy this day; enjoy your children, their growth and their excitement about their new teachers and class. Acknowledge your own state of affairs and your mindset, and be as positive as you can about this new school year for your children. Please tell them to try their best, and despite how you may feel about the state of our world or our school district's decision to instruct remotely, enjoy the start of school in all its glory. We are glad to be with your kids in one shape or form, and we look forward to being part of their development!


Drew Bairstow


Health and Safety Message to Keep Our Community Safe

Please read the letter HERE to learn how best to keep our community safe.


SAU16 Family Tech Support

Please use this form if your student needs tech support relating to their remote learning.

If the issue is related to their device, we can ONLY offer assistance to SAU16-issued devices.

We CANNOT provide support for non-SAU16 issued devices.

Please be sure to visit the SAU 16 Parent Tech Support and Resources page for important information regarding your Chromebook and logins.
SAU16 Parent Tech Support & Resources Page

Troubleshooting, Tips, Login issues, etc...

Quick Tips Based on Today's Phone Calls

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

HELLO Families of Exeter Elementary schools!

In the summer of 2019, Exeter Elementary formed a committee to address issues of equity, justice and inclusion in our schools. Since then we had been consistently working toward creating a mission/vision statement, developing institutional strategy and cultivating professional skills for the work at hand. With one year of foundation building, we are excited to begin implementation of our strategic plan. This year, you will find that the entire school community will have opportunities to learn and grow with us! We welcome your feedback, questions, and enthusiastic involvement! Please look for more information about the work of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) committee in the next school newsletter and on our website.

Inclusive School Culture, as one of our four main areas of strategic focus, has led to the creation of Affinity Groups for school leadership, all staff, caregivers and parents. Monita K. Bell of Teaching Tolerance explains that affinity groups “allow people who share an identity to gather, talk in a safe space about issues related to that identity, and transfer that discussion into action that makes for a more equitable experience.”

ESD Family Racial Affinity Groups

LEARNING about self and others with supporting resources, CONNECTING with others and the schools, offering FEEDBACK to support future programming

Families of BIPOC Students - Toyin Augustus & Amanda Reynolds Cooper

  • ● Families who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) or

    families who are supporting and empowering students who are BIPOC

  • ● Attendees are adult caregivers who are able to say unequivocally “my child is

    BIPOC.” This includes mixed-race children.

  • ● This group is for adults caregivers who seek to connect and discover ways to

    support their children in positive racial identity and academic equity.

Learning to Be an Anti-Racist White Ally -
Mariam Levy & Patty Surrette
  • ● Families who identify as White and are seeking to explore what it mean to be

    a White ally in anti-racism work and how to raise anti-racist children

  • ● This group is for adult caregivers to reflect on thoughts, feelings and actions

    needed in being a White ally working towards anti-racism.

  • ● Open to adult family members who have just begun to learn about

    anti-racism AND those who have been investing in their anti-racist journey.

    After signing up for a group, you will be placed on the email distribution list & receive a zoom link.

Sign up by clicking here



September 24@6:30-7:30pm

After you sign up, you will receive a Zoom link to participate.

Sign up by clicking here

Mission/Vision Statement

Exeter School District​ is dedicated to creating and sustaining an ​inclusive school community​ where all families are welcomed and valued. We are committed to supporting ​equitable school experiences and outcomes​ for all students through anti-bias education and curriculum that fosters positive social identity development, a focus on ​empathy and social justice​ as citizens in a global community.

Areas of Strategic Focus

  • ● Inclusive School Culture

  • ● Professional Development

  • ● Anti-bias curriculum

  • ● Communication

DEIJ Leadership
Co-facilitator Abby Hood, Assistant Director of Special Education

Co-facilitator Toyin Augustus, Parent Community Member

Steve Adler, Principal MSS
Drew Bairstow, Principal LSS


Sue Collins, ESOL Teacher
Serena Dagostino, 3rd Grade Teacher
Suzanne Finniss, Kindergarten Teacher
Becky Fowler, 1st Grade Teacher
Carolyn Kemp, 5th Grade Teacher
Julie Lambert, LSS Curriculum Coordinator
Mariam Levy, Community Member
Courtney Marshall, Community Member
Patrick O’Day, Board Member
Kate McCaffery-Pomerleau, 2nd Grade Teacher
Karla Putney, MSS Curriculum Coordinator
Amanda Reynolds Cooper, Parent & Community Member Patty Surrette, Board Member
Patricia Yosha, Community Member

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Band Update from Mrs. Karter

Dear Lincoln Street School Parents,

Welcome back to a new school year! My name is Kate Karter, and I will be the new band

director at Lincoln Street School. I am so excited to be here, and to get to know you and your

students. This is my seventh year teaching, and I look forward to taking on such a strong and

vibrant program.

In place of our normal LSS band demo assembly, all 4th and 5th grade students will

receive a Zoom or video message from me about band during their first music class with

Ms. Noseworthy. Band is open to all fourth and fifth grade students. I will offer instruction in

flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion. This instruction will be

during the school day, and will come out of classroom time, which Mr. Bairstow and Ms.

Donnelly will coordinate with classroom teachers once students have signed up with

Mrs. Karter. Unfortunately it won’t be possible to hold full-band rehearsals remotely due to lag

times in video chat programs like Zoom and Google Meet. Therefore, until we return to school

in-person, we will be focusing on small-group lessons by section and grade, and will

prepare solo pieces that we can record and display on SeeSaw or perform at home for

our families. My goal is to bring students to the same skill level by the end of the year that they would be at during a year of normal instruction, and I’m confident that everyone who commits to practicing at home will be successful!

To join band, students must have an instrument and an Accent on Achievement Book 1

method book. If you do not already own an instrument and/or book, Music & Arts rents out

quality beginning instruments and sells books that will be delivered to the school, and which I

can then distribute to you. Please see the rental information sheet on the next page.

If you are not sure what instrument your student would like to play, please visit our

WEBPAGE (this link will also be on your child’s SeeSaw music page with Ms. Noseworthy). This page gives kids a virtual way to listen to each instrument we offer and has an Instrument Matching Tool students can complete that might point them toward an instrument if they don’t already have a preference.

If you and your student are interested in joining OR returning to our band program....

Please email me BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th at kkarter@sau16.org with:

1. Your student’s name (first and last) and teacher

2. Their preferred instrument (you may include a second choice if they can’t decide)

3. Whether you OWN or will RENT an instrument

4. Confirmation that you have or will purchase an Accent on Achievement Book 1 method

book (you can purchase this elsewhere if you don’t want to use Music and Arts)

Please see the attachment below to learn more about the band rental information.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kate Karter


Band Director at Lincoln Street School




Dear Exeter Elementary community,

Welcome to the start of a new school year – one that is beginning like no other. Like you, we are navigating this new educational landscape. We are sometimes tired, often overwhelmed, always doing our best…and we’ll never give up! We have spent the summer reflecting on how we can support the needs of the schools in new and creative ways while still supporting our own families. Certainly, the PTO’s presence will look a little different this year. We will be more focused on building community, even virtually, and maximizing ‘light lifts’ of simple fundraising opportunities that hopefully pull off a big reward – both in fostering community and raising funds. We’re still working out those options, and we don’t have all the answers yet. We will work with the schools to communicate our efforts to our schools’ community as details are finalized.


The Exeter Elementary PTO consists of parents and teachers from both Main Street and Lincoln Street Schools working together to provide funds; foster community; and support programs, resources, and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child and benefit the schools.

In 2019-20, thanks to our amazing volunteers and fundraising efforts, the Exeter Elementary PTO provided:

  • Teacher/Staff reimbursements for classroom out-of-pocket costs

  • Bus transportation to field trips prior to the closure of in-person school on March 13

  • Cultural enrichment presentations in person, and virtual presentations after March 13

  • New Chrome books for LSS and new iPads for MSS

  • Playground equipment for both schools

  • Cross Country and Student Council funding for Lincoln St. students and staff


To help us continue to serve our students and staff this school year, we hope you will consider supporting any of our fundraisers. More to come over the course of the year:

  • KONA ICE TRUCK – After you meet your teacher on Thurs. 9/10 and Friday 9/11, walk over to Arjay’s parking lot between 12:30 – 2:30 pm both days and pick up a sweet treat! 20% of the total sales go to the PTO. Please remember to wear a mask and social distance! Full details here.

  • DIRECT DONATION – The Exeter Elementary PTO is a 501c3 non-profit organization and donations of $10 or more are tax deductible – last year we raised $4,500! All contributions go directly to the Exeter Elementary community and students. Cash, money orders or checks payable to Exeter Elementary PTO can be delivered to your student’s school or made online on our website. Check with your HR dept. to see if your employer matches gifts!

  • BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION – Box Tops have gone digital! Download the Box Tops app and search for ‘Exeter Elementary’. We will still accept clipped Box Tops! Please send in any Box Top labels in an envelope or bag labelled with your: Child’s name, Teacher’s name, Grade, and # of Box Tops. Last year, your contributions raised nearly $1,600 from items you already buy – without any additional cost to you!

  • SQUARE ONE ART – Always a family favorite, we will once again partner with Square One Art to offer fun and unique keepsakes featuring your child’s own artwork! Last year’s purchases raised over $3,500! Please refer to the recent email you received from your principal and check your orientation materials for your student’s artwork template.

  • ECOSMITH CLOTHING BINS – Drop off your gently used clothing (in bags) in the bins located in the LSS parking lot. A win-win way to declutter and support the PTO at the same time! Last year’s donations raised over $5,000!

  • COMMUNITY RESTAURANT NIGHTS – Support the PTO with a family take-out night! Last year’s participating restaurants, Epping Community Oven and Exeter Sea Dog, were a huge hit and helped the PTO raise nearly $1,000 for our schools. Be on the lookout for similar, COVID19-friendly events this year!

  • “GET FIT IN MAY” 5K AND FUN RUNS – Each May, the PTO holds its LARGEST fundraiser focusing on the importance of being fit and healthy! It includes two Fun Runs (for our younger runners), a 5K run/walk as well as other fun activities for the community! Sadly, we had to cancel our May 2020 race, and we are working on a COVID19-friendly alternative. We are hoping to hold our traditional in-person event in 2021.


Throughout the school year, we send communications via Signup Genius so please be on the lookout for opportunities and updates from the PTO. If you’re a parent, grandparent or guardian of one of our students and/or a teacher or staffer at either of our schools you’re already a member of the PTO! If you’re not sure if you’re signed up to receive PTO communications, send an email to our volunteer coordinator, Nora Garrity, at exeterelementarypto@gmail.com.


Join us at our monthly meetings to learn about recent activities and upcoming events; meet other parents; connect with your school principal, assistant principal, teachers & staff; share your ideas; or just hear what’s happening!

We typically meet on the second Wednesday of each month from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. For now, we will be hosting our meetings virtually using Zoom and a link to join will be circulated in advance. We have set two meeting dates so far this school year, and we’ll reassess our schedule at a later time:

  • October 14

  • November 18

Our success depends on US - and that includes YOU! - and our community businesses who volunteer their time and provide financial support and product donations. We hope you’ll consider supporting these efforts throughout the school year!

Don’t forget to Like and Share our Facebook page: Exeter Elementary PTO


Allison Battles

President, Exeter Elementary PTO

Contact: ahsb2104@gmail.com

Square One Art

Dear Families,

The PTO is organizing the Square One Art program again this year. It will be a major fundraiser for them during this crazy start of school. Please see the instructions below to learn more about it. Our Art teacher, Mrs. LaBranche is open to providing guidance on this project. Please reach out to her for suggestions or support.

Below are your Square 1 Art fundraiser instructions.

Please create and upload art by: 10/15/2020

Parent Order Deadline is: 11/2/2020



  • Take a photo of your child's art with your phone or tablet. See video How to Take a Photo for Upload.
  • Take photo directly overhead in bright light, even outdoors! Avoid shadows on the art.
  • You can edit and crop off any background later in our upload app online.


  • Click "Art Upload" on our website. (Need help? See art upload video instructions here.)
  • Enter state and school name to find your school, click "Continue".
  • Enter your child's name, grade and your email address
  • Click "Choose File" and upload your child's art from your phone or tablet files.
  • You will see then your child's art in the Edit App. You may crop the art, add text, or make other edits.
  • Click "Done" and your art is saved to your school's fundraiser!


You may begin to shop for keepsakes right away at square1art.com/shop!

Uploaded your Child's Art but cannot find it?

Just click Art Search to find your child's art.

Thank you for creating art for the Square 1 Art school fundraiser! We hope you had fun! We know you will enjoy your child's art on Square 1 Art keepsakes for years to come!

Need assistance?

Click Customer Care: