Welcome to English 10R!

Important Information for Mrs. Jee's Sophomore Regents Class


  • Texts will include To Kill a Mockingbird, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Speak, Maus, myths, short stories, various poems and outside reading.


  • Students should expect all lessons to begin promptly at the bell.
  • It is absolutely vital that students participate in class.
  • I expect thorough and complete honesty from each student. Cheating and plagiarism of any kind—whether in homework assignments, essays, tests, quizzes, presentations—will be taken as a serious breach of trust.


  • I give students a homework sheet at the beginning of every week or so.
  • Students have homework Monday through Thursday.

Grading Policy

  • Classwork includes written homework, preparation for class and required reading, participation, discussions, writing activities and presentations.
  • Major exams and quizzes
  • Writing effectiveness with essays, the research paper, and the final portfolio

Questions? Concerns?

Contact me at jjee@acsdny.org. If you would like to receive text notifications with links to handouts, please text @ahs2017 to 23559 (standard data charges may apply).