The Executive Branch

Learn all about it

Parts of the Executive Branch

There are four main parts of the Executive Branch:
  1. The Cabinet
  2. The President
  3. The Vice President
  4. Executive Office of the President

How members of each part are selected

Majors Powers

4. List 3 major powers of this branch.

1) Enforcing the Law

2) Veto

3)Appoint judges of the Judicial Branch

5. One of these powers do I feel is most important.

Vetoing is most important because if any bill becomes vetoed then it can't become law. Meaning the Executive Branch have some parts in law making.

6. Two major (or surprising) issues are not listed among the powers of this branch.

Making Laws and the Largest Branch of Government

7. Any powers I think this branch should have that it doesn't.

Explain. I think branch should have the power to make laws only because it can veto any bill.

8. Limits are placed on this branch

Suggesting bills for laws but not making them laws.

3 Branches of Government