Sept. 2019 Technology Newsletter

By: Michael Kealy

Reminder: Don't Forget To Complete Your Safe Schools Training By 9/30

Just a reminder to complete your safe schools training by 9/30. You do not need to submit a copy of the certificates as all completions are logged electronically.

Need Help Fast? Open a Technology Help Ticket

Just a reminder the quickest way to get assistance with technology issues is to submit a help ticket. Also a reminder, that BHS students are manning a student run technology help desk periods 1,2,3,4,5,and 8 in the library to assist walk-in students and staff with technology issues. The students are still completing some training, and if the they cannot assist you, they will facilitate the opening of a help ticket for you. Staff in other buildings may begin to see some of these students begin to work on their tickets. Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.

Cybersecurity Reminders

A brief reminder to carefully evaluate all emails you receive. Dutchess County district's, as well as district's state-wide, have seen an increase in the number of spoofed emails (fake emails mimicking a users name and/or e-mail address) asking for personal information and gift cards, as well as phishing emails (emails that encourage users to click a link or download an attachment which collects and/or steals information from a users computer) throughout the summer.

Remember if you "see something, say something" if it feels weird or suspicious please let the Technology Department know before responding, clicking, or opening anything. Thank you.

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Beware of Ransomware!

New York State has seen an increase in the number of Ransomware attacks on K-12 school districts in the past few months, some that have impacted nearby districts. Ransomware gets installed when a user clicks a malicious web-link or attachment. Often times Ransomware weblinks are designed to mimic the misspelling of a website users might frequently visit, or an attachment might read something like "board goals" to entice a user to click it.

Be vigilant! Always check to make sure you are going to the website you intended and use caution when opening attachments you were not expecting. If you are unsure contact the BCSD Technology Help Desk. In the event you believe your computer has been infected with Ransomware please contact the BCSD Help Desk immediately.

How do you know if you have been infected with Ransomware? A message will usually pop up on your computer screen saying that your files have been encrypted and you need to pay to get them back.

Check out the brief 2 minute video below to learn more about Ransomware.

What is ransomware?

Why Are Hackers Using Ransomware? It's Their Job! Check out the video below to learn more about the mind of a Hacker.

Ransomware - Anatomy of an Attack

Telephone Access... You Asked, We Listened!

You probably didn't realize since you have the same telephone, but this summer the district upgraded our phone servers. Last year, teachers asked if it could be possible to enable classroom phones to call external numbers. As part of this upgrade we have been able to enable classroom phones to call external numbers within the United States. In the coming weeks the Technology Department will be emailing you a unique code to enter when you want to call out of a classroom or teacher prep/workroom. However, external callers will be unable to call into these rooms to prevent interruptions to learning. The code issued to each person is specific to the individual it is issued to and should be treated as confidential information. Lastly, you will not need a code to use office phones.
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zSpace World's First AR/VR Laptop Comes To Beacon!

In my last newsletter I mentioned the district purchased zSpace laptops. I am happy to share that the district was able to host its 1st professional development day on the use of these new computers at the end of September. Staff members from each school building attended the training. Beginning immediately, you can request to use these new computers in your classroom by submitting a BCSD Technology Help Ticket. The department will be maintaining a calendar and will let you know if/when the units are available. It is strongly suggested to give as much advance notice as possible.

If you were unable to attend the training, but are interested in learning more about this new tool we have added a zSpace link under the staff resources section of the website. Also, please contact the BCSD Help Desk or reach out to one of the teachers who attended the training. A list of attendees is below:

  • Charles Barone
  • Susan Bloomer
  • Aaron Burke
  • Sarah Coleman
  • Jeanne Dottavio
  • Renee Ferrara
  • Carmen Finton
  • Michael Gersh
  • Lauren Gonyo
  • Ashly Hala
  • Mary Ann Hamilton
  • Sheryl Hawks
  • Zachary Joyce
  • Jeanette Lynch
  • Alexa Marinaccio
  • Monica Paredes
  • Sergio Perez
  • Gloria Rosati-Peterson
  • Ralph Sansone
  • Shannon Varekamp
  • Danielle Yeaple

Ricoh Printing

I want to start by thanking everyone for your patience as we worked with Ricoh to resolve all sorts of issues with the new machines. Ricoh believes they have fixed most of the issues at this point in time. Badge readers, scanning, printing, and copying should now be working on all Ricoh machines. If they are not please continue to submit help tickets so we can resolve the issue.

Please note that a job (print, scanning, copying, etc...) must finish before a user can log out. This is a security feature that prevents confidential material from being processed without the user being present.

What this means for you, is that if a job does not finish (i.e. paper jam, staples run out, paper runs out) the user must replenish the supplies or click STOP. Please do not walk away from the machine because the next user will be unable to login or logout of the machine until the last user has stopped the job or replenished supplies and Logged Out.

Below, are a few screenshots to highlight the options on the new machines which include Follow You Printing, Enable Copier, Email To Me, Scan to Google Drive, Scan to Homedrive, Scan and Email. If you need additional assistance please submit a help ticket.

This is the login screen you should see on a Ricoh

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This is the menu screen with options to print, copy, and scan when you login.

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Click "System Home" if you would like the "copier classic" view from the old Ricoh's

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A menu will appear with the "Copier Classic" option

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You can use the old "Copier Classic" functions

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Discovery Education Streaming Is Being Renewed

Several teachers have emailed me to ask if Discovery Education Streaming is being renewed. The answer is YES! The district has submitted the renewal paperwork to BOCES and it should be active shortly.

Reflex Learning Has Been Renewed

Several teachers have also asked me if Reflex Learning is being renewed. The answer is YES, it has already been renewed and should be accessible to teachers and students.