The followers are called Jews. By Aneesh Oberoi

Judaism Facts

For Jews they believe that the goal for themselves is to lead a good and happy life according to the laws of Torah. Some only eat Kosher food with no pork, shellfish, and no mixing of milk and cheese. They also celebrate a bat/bar mitzva which introduces a child to adulthood. Some celebrations are Rosh Hashanahis the new year, fasting starts,Yom Kippur is fasting ends, celebration, Passover is Angel of Death “passed over”Hebrews who were in bondage in Egypt, and Hanukkah celebrates miracle of oil lasting 8 days when only enough for 1 day in Temple. Jews worship in synagogues. The worship leaders are Rabbis which are the teachers of Torah; guide. Their holy book is Tanakh/Torah. The holy city for them is Jerusalem. Jews believe the goal of Judaism is to live a good life according to the laws of the Torah. In a synagogue they worship their god Adonai.

Things Similar

The thing that all Judaism, Christianity , and Muslim's have in common is that they all believe in the god of Abraham. They all also believe god is a great figure and that there is only one god, or monotheistic.