How far we've come since '93

The very first one

The first smartphone was released in 1993. The first smartphone was called the "IBM Simon." It could send and receive calls and text messages. It could send faxes and also had a world clock, calendar, calculator, notepad, and other useful things.

Date invented

The first smartphone was invented & released to the public in 1993.

Goals of the smartphone

The goals of the smartphone were to make your life easier and more mobile. The Ibm Simon could send emails, faxes, and text messages. it had a calculator, calendar, world clock, and notepad to make your life easier.

Unintended Consequences of the smartphone

The smartphone is a great distraction. A study showed that students that studied using a computer or smartphone, got a lower grade. Not because they didn't know how to study with technology, but because they used the computer less like an education tool, compared to a book.

Intended consequences of the Smartphone

The smartphone was made to make peoples lives very easy and mobile at the same time.

Draw backs of the smartphone

It halts real human interaction, can leak your private information, and can cause some serious accidents. (like car crashes)

Risks of the smartphone

phishing, spyware, network, surveillance, diallerware, and financial malware attacks all could happen to you as a result of using a smartphone.

Benefits of the smartphone

very many, easy ways to communicate, you can have web access wherever you go, and there are apps for just about everything.