Create a Business

Business Creation

21st Century

This project encompasses 21st Century Application. Students have to use the 7 Soft Skills of a 21st Century Learner.

Survey (Curiosity & Imagination, Accessing & Analyzing Information, Communication, Critical thinking & Problem Solving, Collaboration)

Identify a product that many of your classmates use on a regular basis. Prepare a 5 Question survey to determine their feelings about the strengths and weaknesses of the product and possible ways the product could be improved.

The Assignment:

1. Pick a product that is used by your classmates.

2. Create a 5 Question Survey about the product to determine Strengths and Weaknesses.

3. Come up with 5 Improvements for the product.

4. Put both in one Word file and Print It to turn in.

Company: Name, Logo, Slogan (Initiative & Entrepreneurialism, Curiosity & Imagination)

You are going to create a company based on your Survey Results. You get to pick the name, design the logo and create the slogan for the company. You want to make sure your slogan is something catchy that will get people’s attention. The logo also needs to be something that people will be able to identify.

Your Assignment:

1. Take out a Sheet of Paper (You can type this, but you have to draw the Logo yourself)

2. Create your Company Name

3. Design your Company Logo – It is ok if you are not a good artist, do the best that you can. Put effort into this! The Logo can be a picture or the company name, but you are going to hand draw this, no computer help.

4. Create your company Slogan

5. Write 2-3 Sentences about what your Company does.

6. Turn in the Paper when you are done.

Promotion (Agility & Adaptability, Imagination & Curiosity, Communication, Initiative & Entrepreneurialism)

You have already created your Business, now you need to create 4 promotions.

Your Assignment:

1. You are going to create a Flyer about your Business, include your company name, pictures (You can get them from the Internet, make sure that they are School appropriate), your slogan, your company address, phone number, fax number, website, E-mail address, Hours of Operation

a. You may use Microsoft Word for this or Microsoft Publisher.

2. You are going to create a short Radio commercial. Tell me how many people are in the commercial, what they are saying

a. Type this up in Microsoft Word.

3. You are going to create a TV commercial. You need to describe what is going on in the commercial, such as where it takes place, how many people are in the commercial, what are their ages, what clothes are they wearing, what animals may be in the commercial, what actions occur in the commercial, what is each person saying in the commercial, any music in the background – BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE!

a. Type this up in Microsoft Word


c. Use your Imagination!

4. You are to create a Business Card. This will include the following: Your Name, Company Name, your Job Title at the company, Phone number, email, website, hours of operation, fax number, company address

a. Use Microsoft Publisher for this, select Business Cards

b. Be Creative!