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What You Need To Know

Those Involved

Defendant- the person who is being brought to court

Plaintiff- the person who is bringing the charges against the defendant

You, the Plaintiff

First, you will file a complaint. Second, the court sends a summons to the defendant. Then you wait for the defendant to send an answer. These are the pleadings. Once we approach the trial, you will be responsible for the preponderance of evidence. Meaning, you have to prove that your claims in your complaint are true.

You, the Defendant

You will be sent a summons by the court and must then send an answer. These are the pleadings.

Going to Court

Next, there would be a pretrial conference. This will help prepare both parties for the trial. In trial, both sides will present their case. A verdict will be issued by the court. If either party disagrees with the proceedings of the trial, they can appeal the decision to a higher court.

Mediation and Arbitration

Going all the way to court may not be for you. Using mediation or arbitration can be a less expensive way of solving your legal issues. Basically, a third party is brought in to solve the dispute.