A Developing Country

Age structure

The current population is 94.2 million people
The average life expectancy is 62.97 years

The population is distributed Urban= 17.8 million Rural= 78.5 million

The population has grown 10 million in the past 5 years

Food supply

Ethiopia is the second largest populous in Sub-Saharan Africa, famine vulnerability is high in Ethiopia. With the rapid population growth in the last two decades, per capita food grain production has declined. About 6 million people go with out food, and that's with Ethiopia being home of over 94.2 million people.

health care

Ethiopia's health care system is among the least developed in Sub-Sahara Africa and is not, a present, able to effectively cope with the significant health problems facing the country.

population and development

The biggest problem that effects Ethiopia is famine. Ethiopia has over farmed and have deforested because of over population.