Smore News from Baker's Backyard

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are next week. Please look for the golden colored conference reminder slip that is coming home today in your child's Homework Connector Folder. I look forward to achieving 100% attendance and chatting with each of you.

Buck Creek Fire Department

A HUGE thank you to Buck Creek Fire Department for their fun and educational visit today. Does your family have a meeting place? Be sure everyone in your family knows where that place is. Suggestions from our firefighters today include: a neighbor's house, the mailbox, a special tree, barn, garage, etc.
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Going Batty!

Math: We completed session 5 of math where we learned how multiplication and division are related. We also did a bit of graphing as we compared the wing spans of various bats. Next week, we'll begin session 6 as we will learn multiplication and division facts as well as common patterns seen in multiplication and division. Please keep practicing those Mad Minute tests each week. Great improvement is taking place, and we are getting quicker at basic addition and subtraction facts!

Reading: We read a whole class chapter book entitled The Magic School Bus: The Truth About Bats. It was an amazing story with fictional characters who made us chuckle; yet, we learned very factual information about bats too! Once again, text & graphic features helped us to understand the story and often made the story more entertaining for us as well. Our focus for the week was the following:

  • comprehension = text & graphic features
  • vocabulary words = words related to bats
  • vocabulary skill = antonyms/opposites (wild vs. tame)
  • grammar = subjects & predicates
  • phonics = various review of past phonics concepts using bat related words

Next week, we'll "jump" back into our Journey's series and complete session 8. We'll read a Folktale entitled The Harvest Birds. While we all loved reading about Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus, we are happy to be returning to our Journey's series.

Writing: We have worked so hard this week to publish and illustrate our personal narratives. We even completed self-assessments in order to see where we are doing well as writers and where we can still improve and grow. We can't wait to display our small moment stories in the hallway and share them with you at conferences next week. We promise that you'll be amazed at all of our stellar stories!

It truly is outstanding to see how these children can take a moment and tell an entire story bit by bit. They are real authors who have blossomed, and they now realize what it means to tell a story that the reader can feel in his/her bones. Just wait until you get to the heart of our stories!!!

Poetry: Not only are we becoming master mathematicians and writers, but we are also becoming master poets who read with excellent fluency, expression, and accuracy. Can you believe your amazing poet each time he/she brings home a poem to read to you?!? These children are truly a delight!

In just a little over a week, we'll have our first Poetry Cafe. That's where we'll revisit some of our favorite poems we've read thus far, and we'll pair up with a partner or perhaps even choose to go solo as we re-read and snap our fingers to awesome poetry. Of course we'll enjoy some Poetry Cafe snacks and beverages as we are entertained with such thought provoking and mind blowing poetry! What fun!

Social Studies/Science: We took a break this week from social studies and focused entirely on science as we learned all about bats. We learned about echolocation, vibrations, hibernation, microbats, megabats, habitats, diets, etc. If it had to do with a bat, we learned about it!!! In fact, we learned that bats are highly misunderstood creatures and are actually very helpful and important in our world. Furthermore, we conducted research and took an even closer look at a specific bat of our choice. It was not only fun being a research scientist, but we learned a lot too! See if your scientist can share some impressive things that we have in common with these interesting little (and sometimes even BIG) flying mammals.

Next week, we'll return to social studies and focus entirely on the upcoming election, voting process, government, etc.

Mrs. Mary Cutler presents "BATS!"

This week, we were blessed to have an extraordinary naturalist from Battle Ground, Mrs. Mary Cutler, visit our school! She presented an exciting program all about bats. She helped confirm much of what we were reading in our chapter book of The Magic School Bus: The Truth About Bats. Additionally, she helped bust many of the common myths that many of us hold to be true such as all bats have rabies and all bats like to drink blood. She even brought in a bat that was once alive so we could take an up close look at its small hind legs, 8 fingers, 2 thumbs, and little teeth that are seen as the bat opens its mouth to use echolocation to find food. What can we say? Bats are just plain cool and so is Mrs. Cutler. We can't wait to have her return to Hershey hopefully sometime soon!
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Important Dates

Oct. 14: Fire Fighters visit Hershey & Conference reminder slips go home

Oct. 17 - 21: Parent Teacher Conferences & Book Fair

Oct. 24: Fall Storyteller Visit

Oct. 27: Extended Day Field Trip to Conner Prairie (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Oct. 28 & 31: Fall Break, NO SCHOOL

Nov. 4: Family Flag Project Due -- More info coming soon!

Nov. 14: Veteran's Day program