Abstract Art

By: Emma Busboom

Tons of innovative minds around the world channel their imagination through abstract art. Cianelli, Vizoli, Van Gogh, the works. These crafty geniuses are nothing but creative. They think it is engaging to work on abstract landscaping and other types of abstract art. They believe its FUN to express a mood or feeling apart from concrete realities. Also, they know that the format & techniques of abstract art make it a unique way to communicate feelings and emotions.

Creativity and Self Doubt

To start off, I would like to introduce to you an essential aspect of abstract art: Creativity. Yep, you read that correctly. Creativity is key to AA (abstract art). Creativity is like the cytoplasm of AA; it holds together important ideas for the finished product. On another branch, "The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt." -Sylvia Plath. Self doubt is a major obstacle in constructing AA. In order to become a really awesome abstract artist, you have to completely surrender to your own imagination. You have to trust that the finished product will be a magnificent showcase of what you can do.
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Reward or Reject mistakes?

Another reason why people love AA is because it should not be judged. This style of art is not a subject to be criticized. It is really limitless and random. There are no absolute shapes. You can draw, sculpt, or paint anything you want. An epic thing about AA is that you do not need to stress over being perfect. Imprecise qualities in this type of art are rewarded, not rejected.

Why Abstract Art?

The real objective of AA is to have fun! Little kindergartners exercise AA when they don't even know it. It is just cool to experiment with different colors and designs. Therefore, AA is popularly known for its tendency to snatch the audiences attention. Bright colors & imperfect shapes appeal to the spectator and make them think. Speaking (writing) of styles, techniques are really not an important factor n AA. There isn't a specific style to this species of art. There are individual types of AA such as landscaping and sculpting, but in general, AA doesn't really have a definite/assigned technique.
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Lets Hit some Highlights

To cease the movement of my train of thought, I would like to hit some highlights of AA. It is essential to remember the aspects of creativity & self-doubt. Always know that AA is meant to be fun, not an activity to criticize. To sum up my ideas, I would like to add that the format and techniques of AA play a minuscule role. To finish off, remember to keep in mind AA as a hobby.
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