Thomas CJ Alexander Cosmi

A baby new life.

How the parents meet

The baby mother is Taylor Swift. How we had met was like a LOVE STORY.

Taylor and I Met at The VMA's. I just won the award for best singer. She was the girl in my WILDEST DREAMS. We are so good together, We're never out of STYLE. She was the BLANK SPACE in my life. The day I propose to her we were in the studio writing Our Song. I then knelt down to the ground pulled out a ring and said marry me Taylor you'll never have to be alone. I love you, and thats all I Really know I talked to your dad- go pick out a white dress. It's a love story baby just say YES!

We got married and I found out she was pregnant two years into our marriage.

Taylor went into labor on November 4,2015.

Our baby was born at 12:48 P.m

It was amazing! He was so soft and tiny.

Yes I would like to have a second child.

First Day with Thomas CJ Alexander Cosmi

Thomas Is a good child, he is a quite baby. Thomas doesn't cry much, But he does eat a lot. Every Two hours he wants food it crazy. Sleeping through the night was horrible. He kept waking up every two hours, I didn't get any sleep


I have notice there was something wrong with Thomas, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGE. he had a running nose, and a fever. but the thing that scared me the most is that the baby had cough that sound likes the whooping. I said " oh this is a disaster ( in Estaban voice) we rush to the hospital. Taylor kept saying maybe Thomas has BAD Blood. I told her she was crazy and he will SHAKE IT OFF. The doctors gave him some prescription medication to cure Thomas. Thomas was okay six weeks later Thank God! I was so scared from this experience.

Don't abuse your CHILD!

Child abuse is a terrible thing. Kids lifes should be filled with happiness, not torture.When your child is crying because they want something or there just feeling cranky. They are just kids that doesn't anything.