Go Green

Switch over to the Green Revolution side of life

India and Mexico have are some of the successful countries in the green revolution

India and Mexico's Success Stories

India first was a starving country, but after adopting the green revolution they were able to not only grow food for them but also export food to others! They boosted their economy by creating new jobs, and created new irrigation systems. All they had to do was harness pesticides and tools in order to improve their agriculture

Mexico had another success story very similar to India but they never went through such a huge famine. Mexico developed a disease resistence high yeild wheat. Mexico was able to produce enough wheat not only to feed heir own people, but soon enough they were able to export the wheat to other countries. Then the technology Mexico had used spread to the rest of the world.


  • boost economy
  • enable countries to be self sufficient with food
  • countries are able to export food once they produce enough food for themselves
  • increase irrigation
  • increase use of pesticides to make better plants
  • creates new jobs
  • yield per farm increase
  • output of food increase
  • promotes use of new tools
  • creates new technology
  • Guaranteed to help your country be self sufficent in the food industry

    Scientists are in on it too

    Scientists are working hard to genetically alter plants in order to make their harvests more favorable. So why don't you join too? You can help to boost your countries economy and your food supply!