Central Park Walking Tour

Central Park and the Vision of a Cohesive Society

Puritans, Immigrants, and Slaves

The Erie Canal and industrial expansion propelled New York City to the economic forefront in 1800's America. People flooded in to seek opportunity. Yet, inadequate housing and sanitation bred epidemics and squalor. Old World monarchs, aristocrats, and Southern plantation owners derided the Yankee and his unholy metropolis. Join us to discover how the stewards of New York development addressed these problems, while hoping to elevate American culture and unite the city's disparate classes, religions, and ethnicities through the gift of a Central Park. We will visit monuments, greens, ponds, meandering walks, and promenades, with a thorough discussion of their symbolism, purpose, and use. Talk will include information on topics of Jewish interest relating to people who shaped and were shaped by the evolving metropolis.

Central Park Walking Tour

Sunday, April 26th, 11am-1pm

Tour meets at the Richard Morris Hunt Monument directly across the street from the Frick Museum at 5th Ave & 70/71st Street.

$25 per person with up to 40 people. The tour is on flat or gently sloped terrain. Comfortable shoes are recommended as we may walk on grass as well as cobblestones, and there are a few small areas with uneven pavement.

Please send this tear-off, with your check made out to RSNS at the Synagogue.

April 26th Walking Tour

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