American Teens Lie, Cheat, & Steal

Chuck Colson, BreakPoint

Important Quotes

In this article, the author uses the quote, "results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals." He uses it to give us a picture of how our future adults will be like, if they keep this behavior up.

Another quote used is that many " admitted stealing from a store within the past year. This quote shows that many kids are honest, but they are being honest about something bad they did.

Important/ Vocabulary Words

* Contemporary- this word is important to the article because it tells us a little bit more information.

* Impersonal- this word is important because it tells us that the teens are not influenced in a good way.

* Institute- this word is important too, because it tells us about the organization telling us about this situation.

* Survey- this word contributes to the article because it is giving us an idea of what kind of test and questions they asked the teens.

* Admit- this word is very important because it goes with the article about how not all teens told the truth when taking the survey.

Main Idea

The main idea of this article is american teens lying, cheating, and stealing, and them taking a survey in which would paint a picture of our future adults that will run the city and make a difference. In the survey many teens said that they had at least once in their life lied, cheated, or stole. After the survey, some teens admitted that yes, they had lied even in the survey, this paints a terrible future for our world.

Authors Purpose

The authors purpose for this article is about american teens lying, cheating, and stealing. One of the worst things, is that many of them get the idea from family members or relatives. The authors purpose would also be about how many of the teens lie, cheat, and steal, in their everyday life.