Roman Name: Hercules

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Heracles was a hero. He saved Hesione and her sister Priam from Andromeda, from a sea monster sent from Poseidon. He also strangled two enormous snakes that were sent to him by Hera, to death. After this, it was prophesied that Heracles would become a great Hero. Heracles also completed the Twelve Labors, now called The Twelve Labors of Heracles. These labors include: killing the Hydra, killing the lion of Nemea, get a golden apple of Hesperides and capture the three headed dog of the underworld.


  1. Nemean Lion because he killed it when doing the Twelve Labors.
  2. Lion Skin, because it represented his masculinity.
  3. The Club, because it was the weapon he used the most.

Character Traits

  1. Courage - Hercules is very courageous because for one of his labors he ended up going to war with the Amazons, who were a tribe of wild and warlike women and he defeated them.
  2. Determined - He finished all of the twelve labors, despite their hardship, and ended up completing them in twelve years.
  3. Anger - A lot of times when the simplest things would go wrong, he would become deathly angry, his attacks always being fatal.


Heracles only had one sibling named Iphicles. They were both twins but only Heracles was an immortal Hero. This was because he was born from Zeus and Alcmene while Iphicles was born from Alcmene and a mortal.

He ended up getting married three times. Megara was his first wife, Deianeira was his second wife and his third (who was also his half sister) was Hebe. With Hebe, he had two children, Alexiares and Aniketos.


  1. Strength - Hercules proved himself to be very strong. He had superhuman strength, like being able to kill two enormous snakes. He is titled the strongest of all mortals.
  2. Bravery - Due to his high confidence, Heracles was always brave enough to fight everything that came into his way.
  3. Self Aware - After he had killed his first wife and children, he realised that he had done wrong and left to go find King Eurystheus so he could renew his sins.


  1. Mortality - though Heracles was an immortal hero, he was still able to die just like any other human being.
  2. Self Confidence - Heracles considers himself to be equal to all the other gods, but he believes he is able to beat every single person he fights.
  3. Lustfulness - Due to the fact that despite being married, he still look at and loved other women

Interesting Facts

  1. He had three children with Megara (his first wife), Thersimachus, Creontidas, and Deicoon. But he killed them when he was cursed by Hera.
  2. Heracles' second wife, Deianira, tricked him into drinking Nessus' poisonous blood.
  3. He killed his music teacher by hitting him on the head with a lyre.

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