W2M Literature References

How do references to literature relate to W2M?

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Sharon Creech's Novel Walk Two Moons is about Sal, a 13-year-old girl who drives with her grandparents to see her mom in Lewiston, Idaho. She is on this trip to see her mom's grave. During this ride, she tells Pheobe's story.


Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech includes references to literature in Mr. Birkway's class to relate back to Sal's life and situation in order to help the reader understand her emotions.

smoothbeautifully folded

One time Sharon Creech put a reference to literature is when she added the poem "the little horse is newlY" by e.e. cummings. She is trying to explain that Sal hopes that her mom is resting peacefully. The poem states "with world lies: smoothbeautifuL/ly folded" (e.e. cummings). Sal then explains how she felt about that in the novel. The books quotes, "I liked it. Everything sounded soft and safe." This relates back to Sal because, first of all, that's how she feels about the poem. She wants her mom to rest soft and safely. Second, since the reader doesn't know about her mom's death at that time it makes them think of what she meant by that. Only later on does the reader find out about her mom's death. The text is almost a tiny foreshadow. Sal is really close to her mom and she is has been with her mom since she was a child (or a little horse). This text helps the reader think and infer Sal's emotions and backstory.

The Tides and Waves

Another poem Sharon Creech includes in Mr. Birkway's class to talk about Sal's story is "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It once again relates back to Sal's mom. The part that catches Sal's attention is, "The day returns, but nevermore/ Returns the traveler to the shore" (Longfellow). In the book, Sal says ,"The waves grab the traveler. They drown him." (Creech 183). Her mom said that she would come back, but nevermore, returns her mother, from Idaho. This helps the reader think of why Sal travelled with her grandparents in the first place. She wanted to see her mother before her birthday. her mother could be the traveler in the story in many ways. She left and never returns. The waves could symbolize life swooping down and taking her mom away with no specified reason. The way Sal thinks the waves drowned the traveler relates to how her mother is dead. These stories which Mr. Birkway introduces to the class relate back to Sal's story and give a nice insight to how she feels.