California State University, Chico

Old, but gold. Second oldest in 23 campus! (:

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At the top

Rated a top-10 regional public university in the west by U.S. News and World report.

Majors and Minors

The Community :D

Students get to experience the community first hand, as the college is located right in the center of the city. Where we like to maintain peace and order, so try no too party to hard where you disturb the community

Quick Facts

Approved in 1887. Opened their doors to students in 1889, and became a CSU in 1972

53% of chico students are female;47% are male.

Study On Broad

Choose between 90+ majors in 30 countries, study on board and expand your knowledge of the world by traveling, and staying on task by taking courses on board to help towards your college requirements.

What majors are not impacted?

Most majors like biochemistry are not impacted, since Chico is usually a smaller CSU. Having more room for new students, looking for colleges with majors that are not impacted.

Where we are

Take a tour and you´ll know it´s the right place!
Chico State University Party!

Why CSU Chico is right for me.

Chico state is not impacted in Biochemistry which catches my attention, and I really like the fact that I will be going to a college that was once my community college. It will be really mind blowing if I re-meet with my middle school peers and see how much we have changed. It is also instate so it probably wont coast as much as if I would go out of state somewhere else. I have to admit it is a party school, but that´s also why I would like to go there for two years and then transfer to CSU San Diego and major in Business ad.