Open Enrollment! Meeting Reminder

November 5-16, 2018

Coming Back From Fall Break

Just a reminder there will be Onsite Benefit Education Meetings coming back from Fall Break. These non-mandatory meetings are available to help educate the team on the health plan options for 2019.

PVE-10/22 @ 2:45PM

ZMS-10/23 @ 8:00AM

EE-10/23 @ 2:45PM

UE-10/24 @ 2:45PM

ZCHS-10/25 @ 7:45AM

ESC-10/25 @ 11:00AM

BME-10/25 @ 2:45PM

ZWMS-10/30 @ 8:00AM

Transportation-10/31 @ 8:10AM & 9:00AM

Representatives from the HR Department will provide information about the benefit changes. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the new medical plans in preparation of Open Enrollment.

Review Rates for 2019

Please use the links below to see a comparison of the two plans and the premium rates.

2019 Silver & Eagle Plan Comparison

2019 Silver Plan Premiums

2019 Eagle Plan Premiums

2019 Parapro & Long-Term Sub Premiums

The Summary of Benefits for both plans can be found on the Employee Portal.