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Every Child. Every Day.

The Dexter Park Innovation School


At the Dexter Park Innovation School we celebrate each other’s differences and strive to meet the needs of all students through collaboration amongst staff, family, and community. By providing an inclusive, welcoming environment and sustainable instruction carried out with fidelity, we will nurture the whole child and meet individual needs. We believe all students can find success.

Mission Statement

The Dexter Park Innovation School will strive to provide an inclusive environment with instructional practices designed to meet individual needs. All students will be provided with differentiated educational opportunities to increase achievement. Our mission is for all students to gain skills, both academic and social, in order to be successful in the future.

Core Values

We believe that all students can learn and that each day students have the right to feel safe, welcome, respected, and successful.

This Week at Dexter Park

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Have You Seen DP's View Masters?

We recently purchased 3 View Masters and are getting 3 more so you can take your kids on virtual field trips! We are in need of old cell phones, so if you have one at home you are not using please let me know. If you want to grab one and give it a shot, see me!
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Upcoming Events

10/18: Early release for students (11:30)- Co-teachers are meeting in the DP Library to work with Seaside/Ribas will be working with all other teachers @ Fisher Hill (12:30 start time)

10/27: Vocabulary Parade

10/28: No students (PD Day)- guest speaker @ Mahar

11/1: Staff Meeting @ 3:15

11/2: Evening Conferences

11/3 & 11/4: Early Release Days (Conferences)

Quotes of the Week

“We notice flaws in others more easily than flaws in ourselves.” Buster Benson

“I view the presence of distracted students on laptops in the classroom just as I view cheating – as a problem that can help us take a closer look at our teaching and make better decisions about it.” James Lang

“Instead of pushing screens away, let’s put them into the hands of adults and children to use together to learn and grow.” Lisa Guernsey and Michael Levine in “Nurturing Young Readers: How Digital Media Can Promote Literacy Instead of Undermining It” in American Educator, Fall 2016 (Vol. 40, #3, p. 23-28, 44),

“School leaders are expected to be visibly in charge, always on top of their game, doing the right things to advance the school, and exuding confidence and command." David Holmes

“Friendships, heart-to-heart discussions, and humor can sideline day-to-day stresses and provide emotional sustenance and enjoyment.” David Holmes (ibid.)

“My job was to steer students’ enthusiasms to the shore of the required curriculum.” Steven Levy (quoted by Carol Ann Tomlinson in “Lesson Plans Well Served” in Educational Leadership, October 2016 (Vol. 74, #2, p. 89-90)

Need Some Information?

All staff resources (schedules, agendas, etc.) for the year will be kept here: