5 Day K - Prep

Ms. Peggy and Ms. Margaret

Important Dates

January 21 Pajama Day
February 11 Wexford Place
February 19 Parent Teacher Conferences
March 21 - 25 Spring Break

Ice Skating Rink: The rink has been a great success. So much so, we decided to keep it open another week. The kids could hardly wait to get started. They have been great about taking turns and sharing the different jobs to do. Their language was appropriate for both the snack bar worker and customer. Using their manners seemed to come very easy as well. In short, they have had a great time pretending to be at an ice skating rink. I think some would say the best part is the real popcorn we are having in the snack bar!

Wexford Place: Wexford Place is a senior care facility. When we visit we will sing a few songs and pass out valentines. This is a great opportunity to interact with our community and show love and kindness to others. The residents enjoy the kids so much. They are sure to show the same love and kindness in return. Sign-up sheet is by classroom door if you can join us. Please indicate if your child will need a ride.

Conferences: I will begin assessments this week into next week. I'm looking forward to meeting with all of you. There is a sign-up sheet by classroom door. If these times don't work for you please contact me.

Fundraiser: Our dinner night at 54th Street was a great success. Thank you all for your support to Little Lambs. Our staff is very hard working and dedicated to your child's success.
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