Taylor's Hill Skatepark Session

Now Sat July 7th [CANCELLED Sat June 30]

Meet up for a chill roll at Taylor's Hill new skatepark

Park looks sick, has super smooth crete and heaps of stuff to skate. It gets packed out easily so we'll get in there early and take over for a few hours then head to surrounding parks so make sure you have a car or a lift.

Check the pics and directions here.

Backup Plans

If it rains on Saturday we'll do Sunday same time and if it's going to rain the whole weekend then anyone who's keen can come and skate Ring of Fire (peep Tom's edit) on Saturday.

Will let everyone know what's happening via the Melbourne Rollerblading FB group. If you still not sure give sk a bell on 0411158575

Taylors Hill Session

Saturday, July 7th 2012 at 10am

Kingston Dr

Taylors Hill, VIC

Getting there early too try and beat the congestion that happens easily at this park.

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