Caffeine Soda Project

By: Nick Clark


If caffeine is leaving the body at 13% per hour I think that it will take 10-15 hours until it is fully out of your system.

Interesting facts I learned!!!

I learned that caffeine can affect your brain.

It can raise your blood sugar.

Can cause headaches.

Can make you act crazy.

Drinks that I have with Caffeine.



Green tea

Initial graph

Big image
Big image

Equations used for plotting graphing points.

The equation I went off of was y=ab^x

Coke- y=34(.87)^(x-0){0≤x<5}

Monster- y=174.74(.87)^(x-5){5≤x<10}

Green tea- y=113.59(.87)^(x-10){10≤x<15}


16 to 174


0 to 174.74
Big image

How much caffeine you need to feel the affects!

Caffeine is a stimulant and it takes about 250-500MG of caffeine before you feel the effects in your body.

When you should stop drinking caffeine!

At night because it will keep you awake and affect your sleeping patterns.

When caffeine FULLY leaves your body!

The caffeine is going to be fully gone out of your body when it hits 80 hours. This did not make meet my hypothesis as I said before.


This changed my appearances on drinking this drink!
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