Desert Johnson

Health & Movement

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Desert Johnson

I'm a junior studying Elementary Education at Kansas State University. My focus is in Social Studies and I hope to teach at a 3rd grade level eventually.

Besides school I absolutely love to spend time with my friends and enjoy the ocean as much as I can.

My family is the most important thing to me in life and I really enjoy getting to see them when I can.

What physical activity means to me:

More often than not I don't think about having to be physically active. It just comes natural and it always has. I previously cheered at a community college where we had 5 a.m. practices each day and that has really been engraved into my daily schedule.

To me, being active, is my biggest stress reliever. Have a bad day? Go work out, get your blood pumping and then your whole day's outlook will be much different.

Also, I must give most of the credit of me being active to my friends. They are always asking to go to the Rec or go out dancing in Aggieville and most of the time I don't even realize that I am being active until a long while after.

Physical activity to me is everything.

Q & A

Do I like to be physically active?

YES! Being physically active makes me feel more energized and better about myself/life in general. I enjoy running. Occasionally like lifting but I really enjoy cardio. I definitely like to work out with my friends too. They keep me motivated. If I go to workout by myself I often times cut my activity off short.

Why am I this way?

I think that I am just naturally an active person. I've been cheering my entire life and have also done many other sports so I've always been active and find it very unrewarding if I neglect being in shape.

Have my habits changed with age?

My habits have definitely changed with age. Now that I'm older, have two jobs and still go to school full time I have found that physical activity is just not on the list of things I have time to do. However, I think that me being so busy is also a type of active-ness and helps keep me in shape. Also, my stress levels have increased now that I am on my own and trying to provide for myself which makes physical activity more important because of its good affects on my health.

Do you think that your gender, ethnicity, SES, exceptionality, geographical area, or anything else plays a role in how active you are?

I think this statement has so many different levels of correctness. For example, in Manhattan, it is so easy to be an active member of the community, ESPECIALLY if you are in college. I have to drive to campus and then still have a 5-10 minute walk on top of that so the distance I travel each day is much greater than I ever did at the community college I attended. It's also very easy to just walk everywhere because you see everyone else and all your friends doing the same.