Aidan's Irrigation Station


Our irrigation comes from a hard working station!

Upcoming Products!

"Reservoirs" are holes that connect to the irrigation canals and you can open and close the entrance, when you open the entrance, the water will flow in and the reservoir will act as a storage!

"Levees" are entrances were you push a lever and the entrance opens, most likely to be used with reservoirs.

Our irrigation station has the best of qualities!

Our irrigation station has traveling workers looking for customers! dont wanna wait? come down to Aidans Irrigation Station At Sumer!
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Aidan's Irrigation Station is holding a party for the current and past buyers!!! if not a buyer must pay 1 silver

Saturday, Jan. 2nd 134 at 9am to Monday, Jan. 2nd 1234 at 11am

Aidan's Irrigation Station

there will be fresh water and food and games


Small: 1 foot wide 1 foot deep and 5 feet long: 3 silver

Medium: 2 1/2 feet wide 1 3/4 feet deep, and 12 feet long: 2 emeralds

Large: 4 feet wide 3 feet deep 20 feet long 4 emeralds



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