By: Alia, Ms.Dao


Cyber Bullying happens all around the world. But why? That's why today i will be talking about Cyber Bullying.

Information about cyberbullying

Around from grade 5 to grade 8 girls get cyber bullied online.

The definition of cyber bullying is: The use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mails, chat rooms or other social networking sites such as: Facebook and Twitter to harass,threaten or to intimidate someone.

Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online and has happened more than once.

68% of teenage girls say that Cyber Bullying is a serious problem.

81% of young girls say that Cyber Bullying is easier to get away from bullying in person.

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What happens to Girls when Cyber Bullied?

  • When it occurs, then girls lose their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • They lose contact with their friends
  • Parents get concerned about the issue
  • Parents dislike the situation
  • Parents limit the contact with friends and social media
  • Few girls even commit suicide

Different Perspectives About Cyber Bullying

What Teachers Think About Cyber Bullying

Teachers think that Cyber Bullying is negative and harmful to children, because of the serious side effects such as: low-self esteem, family problems, low grades and even suicide.

What Police Think About Cyber Bullying

The police think that Cyber Bullying is a serious problem, because they have to deal with the situation. The police want to inform children about the dangers of Cyber Bullying. Also, they want to prevent children from being Cyber Bullied.

What The Victim Thinks About Cyber Bullying

The victim doesn't really know what is going on and what the bully is doing to them, until it is too late.

What Do The Parents Think About Cyber Bullying

When the parents find out about the situation, they would call the school, limit or take away their electronic devices, calling the police and telling them to call the ''bullies'' parents. Parents would do all of those things just to protect their child. In this scenario the child thinks that the parents are only making the situation worse.

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Who is taking responsibility for the issue?

The Prime Minister ( Stephen Harper) of Canada is taking action for Cyber Bullying by making this foundation called StopHatingOnline. That foundation is about girls or boys who get Cyber Bullied, and they are teaching them to stand up and to not worry about what other people say.

Where You Can Find More Information On Cyber Bullying?

You can find more information on Cyber Bullying at these websites: www.TorontoStar,,

Websites Date: December, 18, 2014