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Believe it or not, the weather has been kind to us this week! Although it has been very dreary and reminiscent of a typical February, we managed to avoid all showers for our sports day and our cricket practices…...but the matches had to be cancelled. In saying that, I am camping out with Year 3 tonight, so a dry and balmy evening would be appreciated!

And what a lovely week our pupils’ have enjoyed. Trips to the Forest school and Dinton Pastures, a venture to Birmingham for the ISA National Athletic Championships (please see Mr Butterfield’s write up below of our top athletes endeavours), and play rehearsals have kept them all busy. Boys and parents have also found out who is going to be their new form tutor next year, and I would like to thank so many of you for attending the information mornings - I will provide some notes next week for all parents who were not able to make it.

In assemblies we have talked about the importance of enjoying sport, and how medals are not always a show of how well an individual has done. I told the boys a story of my own sports day successes of the past (or lack of!). I was really surprised at how few boys and staff had heard of the Slow Bicycle Race! It was a Ridgeway favourite….I was pretty good at that event!

Nevertheless, Sports Day was a wonderful affair where our boys performed with smiles on their faces. I also shared the wonderful news yesterday afternoon that Mrs Payne is going to be allowed to go home from hospital next week where she will be able to continue her therapy as an outpatient. What an amazing lady she is.

My picture of the week relates to our Year 4 Problem Solving Mathematicians. Haider Ali Baig, Téo Rybak and Fraser Jones. Along with their friends they have been creating Word Problems for others to solve. All I will say is that when they entered my office to challenge me, I was in a meeting with Mrs Ward and Mrs Metherell. We got the first answer wrong, and then were too scared to take on the other two challenges!! Feel free to come to my office and have a go at them - they are up on my wall and ready to be worked out!! Well done boys!

However, I have enjoyed a period of rest today. Josh Fisher was Headteacher for the day and did a brilliant job. He controlled the school with humour and a sense of discipline. As Headteacher, he has also contributed to my words as you will see below. Lots of fun!

We have just nine and a half days left of school, not that anyone is counting!! Our Year 6 boys are making the most of their last two weeks with us and have been such outstanding ambassadors for our school. I hope the Caribbean cricket on Wednesday gives them and their parents a nice start to the run in of the last week. I will write more about our superb Year 6 boys next week.

Have a lovely weekend

Justin Spanswick

Head for the Day (Josh Fisher’s) Words

It has been really fun for me today - I have had a brilliant time. I have been doing paperwork with Mr Spanswick, I took assembly and gave out the Rabbit awards to the winners, I have been putting up tents with Mr Butterfield for Year 3, I did a Health and Safety Audit with Mr Leuzinger, I took a staff briefing as well and had a lovely cup of tea made by Mrs Davies, and I have decided to give the staff a 50% salary rise!!!! I think the job of Headteacher is fun, but I know it is a lot harder than it looks having spent time with Mr Spanswick. I have made a lot of great memories from this day that I will never forget.


Thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday. The weather may have tried to beat us, but you all showed great spirit and determination to enjoy the fete regardless. We just wished we've been quick enough to turn 'lawn sliding' into a proper event!

I'm also happy to announce that the winner of the flyer competition for a photo shoot with Clare Keylock Photography was Emma Cranfield, whose son, James, is in year 1.

As my last event as Chair of the PTA I need to say a massive thank you to my committee members who helped pull the event together and who worked tirelessly on the day. Also thank you to each and every parent who volunteered their time and donated raffle prizes, the children who ran stalls and all the staff who helped out- we really couldn't have done it without you.

I know that Ana Sidders will do a fantastic job as Chair next year.

Emma Robertson

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All the PE and Games lessons this week have been geared towards preparing the pupils for Sports Day. A full report on Sports Day will follow next week. However, on Wednesday, a few of our athletes got an early start with very successful day at the ISA National Championships at the Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham. The event was held in near monsoonal rains. It was probably the worst athletics conditions we have experienced . Despite this the Junior boys came away with a clutch of medals. In Year 4 Finn Keylock smashed the national record to win gold in the cricket ball throw with a distance of 51.95m. The Year 4 relay team of Jake Rogers, Harry James, George Crowe and Finn Keylock ran a superb race to also come away with a gold medal. The Year 5 boys competed valiantly with a few 4th and 5th places and Sam Jackson jumped superbly well to win a silver medal in the long jump with a distance of 3.89m. The Year 6 boys competed well with several great performances with Tom Molhoek bringing home a silver in the 150m and Will Keylock also with a silver medal in the cricket ball throw. Whether they won a medal or not all CCJB boys competed extremely well and were a real credit to the school. London West Junior Boys finished 3rd contributing to London West winning the overall trophy for all year groups.
Well done to all who took part.

Nick Butterfield


I have had the pleasure this term of working for half an hour a week with a small group of Year 1 boys on improving their chess. I can honestly say that I have been delighted by their enthusiasm and the manner in which they have responded to the lessons.

The time spent with this group has been a clear reminder that we all start somewhere, though it is clear from the more advanced and confident boys that they have already learned the basics of the game by playing against a parent or grandparent.

These boys will have a lot to thank these relatives for later on!

It is important to remember that we get better at chess by playing more chess; learning from the mistakes we make along the way. None of us, regardless of how good we are or think we are, can get anywhere without putting in the hard graft required. For novices, this might mean learning the various checkmates against a lone king, whilst more advanced players could be studying opening theory and strategic ideas. All of these can and should be pursued outside school and not just inside.

Am I an advocate of chess homework? You bet I am!

So get the board out, boys. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Monday July 4: A reminder

Those boys who have entered the CCJB Summer tournament on Monday will be missing their lessons from Period 9 onward.

These boys will also not be able to catch the late bus as the tournament is not due to finish until 6pm.

Richard Hogg



There will be some fun lessons in the pool next week . Some involving wearing pyjamas. We would appreciate it if the boys could bring in a pair of named Pyjamas with long bottoms (not shorts) for these lessons.


If you have any Active Kids Sainsbury's vouchers at home we would very much appreciate them being brought into school for Monday so that we can do our final tally. The deadline for spending these vouchers on sports equipment is fast approaching. We will list our purchases in a future Bulletin.


Monday 4 July - Summer Term Chess Tournament 2 - 6pm in the dining room. Entry fee £1

Wednesday 6 July - Speech and Drama Exams for boys who have lessons with Ms Icke

Wednesday 6 July - Year 6 Caribbean Cricket

Friday 8 July - OPRO Gumshield fitting for Years 3 - 5 in the Mezz. Letters going home by boy post and email.

Friday 8 July - Informal music concert in assembly. Parents are welcome to come and watch. Boys will know if they are participating.

Friday 8 July - Reception Graduation Picnic . Invitation to parents will follow.


Monday 11 July - Speech and Drama Showcase 1.30pm. Invitations have been sent home by boy post yesterday (Thursday 30 June).

Tuesday 12 July - Reception - Year 2 Concert/Prize Giving 9.30am - 10.30am. Parents are invited to attend.

Wednesday 13 July - Junior Concert / Prize Giving 1.30pm - 4pm

Thursday 14 July - Leavers Assembly 9.30am - 10.30am

Thursday 14 July - Year 3 - 6 Happy Birthday Ma'am workshops

Thursday 14 July - Reception - Y6 Grand Picnic - Packed lunch required

Friday 15 July - Term Ends 12 noon


Wednesday 6 July - Year 1 visit Windsor Castle.


Consultation – not Presentation


All library books should have been returned to school by today. You will be able to bring in library books on Monday morning but thereafter you will be charged for a late return on your end of term invoice.


Our Rabbit winners this week are Josh Sharma (Y2) and Aiden Mukherjee (Y4). They have both been exemplary with their kindness and caring attitude and have proven to be their 'Best Selves'. Well done boys.


HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES – Mon 18 Jul to Fri 2 Sep

Book by Fri 8 Jul for a guaranteed place in our Mini, Mid, Kool and Sport Xtra groups…. go to What’s On for more on activity highlights and exciting visitors. Children in year 3 and above can still enjoy a Golf Fun Day on Wed 3 Aug - with tri and street golf, as well as a visit to Huntswood Golf Club. Not forgetting the Kool Xtra clubs that are bringing Cookery and Textiles, as well as NEW Science workshops and Bikeability courses this summer >> Go to Book Now to register on the new booking system.

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