Michael Piershale

Michael Piershale's Faith Drives Him

Financial Wisdom and Michael Piershale

As the economic climate within the United States begins to warm and the citizens begin to fear a bit less for their personal welfare, the eyes of the nation turn to investing as a way to rebuild.

Every savvy investor knows that a key part of building a portfolio is ensuring that someone is available to answer questions who have the knowledge and wisdom to guide the investor well. For many investors, that someone is Michael Piershale. During the past 20 years, Michael Piershale has built up a reputation as one of the premier voices in American financial planning.

Michael Piershale has been featured in columns and quoted in financial segments in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Fox Business, and many other publications. Such widespread notoriety has served to illuminate Michael Piershale's extensive knowledge and ability to apply what he knows to difficult financial situations. In sections like WGN-TV's Your Money Matters, Michael Piershale has been able to tell large audiences about the benefits and risks of different types of investments.

In addition to TV and journalistic media, Michael Piershale's wisdom has been sought by writers creating books on how to plan for retirement and how to create stable long term investing solutions.

As people begin to look to invest once more, Michael Piershale should be at the front of the list of people they want on their side. Michael Piershale's wisdom regarding sound investment strategies should prove invaluable in the months and years ahead. Clients who choose to work with Michael Piershale can rest easy knowing that he will apply decades of accumulated knowledge to their individual situation, striving to find the best and most productive methods of investing for each individual client.

Michael Piershale looks forward to using his wisdom and accumulated knowledge to serve clients in the future.

Work Ethic Important to Michael Piershale

Hard work makes people strong. In any business, hard work can turn a mediocre employee into a key component of the company. For Michael Piershale, this was doubly true. Prior to ever working in the financial planning industry, Michael Piershale worked extremely hard to graduate with a Master’s degree from the University of Missouri. Michael Piershale's strong work ethic saw him through not only undergraduate, but graduate studies as well. Upon completing his time in academia, Michael Piershale began to work to be a financial advisor.

After being hired by Edward Jones, Michael Piershale again put his strong work ethic front and center. Over the next two decades, Michael Piershale would prove to be a key part of Edward Jones' success, and relied on his inexhaustible work ethic to see him through the difficult times. In addition to his time at Edward Jones, Michael Piershale worked his way into a position at Raymond James, another financial institution. During his tenure at Raymond James, Michael Piershale was a member of the Chairman’s Council each year. The Chairman’s Council is an exclusive society which only admits the top 1% of producers within the Raymond James organization. Michael Piershale's strong work ethic placed him in good standing within this company, and he flourished because of it.

After opening his own practice in 2000, Michael Piershale was forced to constantly rely on hard work to get the business off of the ground. Michael Piershale suddenly had to advertise and handle the logistics of running a business in addition to providing excellent services. Fortunately, Michael Piershale's work ethic was up to the task. Late nights and early mornings enabled Michael Piershale to turn Piershale Financial Group into a true powerhouse within the Financial Planning industry. Michael Piershale plans to continue working hard to provide excellent service to his customers.

Michael Piershale

Michael Piershale is a strong believer in a higher power. Michael Piershale's faith drives him to perform at a consistently high standard. Michael Piershale's faith gives him a distinct code of ethics that he strives to follow in his daily business.