The Paw Print

November 2014 Issue 3

A Word from Mr. Hunt

Dear Friends of North Middle:

We are entering the home stretch of the first semester! You will find a great deal of information in this issue of the Paw Print regarding Wildcat accomplishments in addition to important upcoming events.

With approximately four weeks of school and three weeks of vacation, these next seven weeks are typically a time of great changes in the lives of Middle School students, with each grade level responding a bit differently to this season. Our 6th graders are typically quite comfortable, truly settled into their middle school experience and eager to return after the holiday break. Our 7th grade students seem to have an incredible growth spurt during these seven weeks and come back to us ready for 8th grade (or at least they think they are). Last but not least, our 8th graders begin to realize that their time in middle school is almost over and that the next level of learning (which they are simultaneously eager and apprehensive about) is just on the horizon. Parents, are you ready to have a high schooler in your house? I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I am more than comfortable in stating that these next seven week will bring many changes in the lives of your Wildcats; our faculty and staff are privileged to be a part of it.

Enjoy this issue of the Paw Print and check back frequently as some changes may happen even before the next issue!


Guidance News

Guidance News

The 2014-2015 schoolyear is off to a great start!

We are looking forward to a great year working with you and your student!

Our guidance program includes:

1) Classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics which may include studying, diversity, conflict resolution, study skills, family dynamics, transitioning to high school and career exploration.

2) Small groups dealing with various teen issues.

3) Individual counseling

4) Parent and staff consultations

Students may make appointments with their counselors by completing an appointment request form located in any classroom or in the counseling office. This enables us to serve our students with a minimum of disruption to classroom instruction. Counselors are always available in times of crisis and may be called upon by parents or staff to assist students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Chris Highland 6th grade – M-Z; 8th grade ext. 780306

Connie Hohulin 6th grade – A-K; 7th grade ext. 780307

Tonia Bagwell Guidance Secretary and Registrar

Attention Eight Grade Parent

Although this school year is just underway, you should be thinking about what your 8th grade student will be doing next year! Did you know Forsyth County offers students a variety of choices for 9th grade? There are different career path options available at the various county high schools.* These programs are open to ALL 9th grade students. However, if your student chooses to attend a program at a high school outside his/her district, you will need to file for an out-of district waiver. The deadline for filing such a waiver will be in January, 2015. (Please check the county website for the specific date.) You will also have to provide transportation for your student to attend that high school.

*Please refer to the Forsyth County School System website for a complete list of Career Pathway options offered at Forsyth County High Schools. (Enter “Career Pathways” in the “Search” toolbar to link to a list of career pathway options.) You can also find this information on the NFMS Counseling page (under Student Services)

High School Registration!

High School registration activities will begin shortly after the winter break. Please refer to the North Forsyth Middle School Website/Counseling page for transition activities and additional high school information.

Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to our October Athletes of the Month!

Cheerleading - Lily Cooper

Football - Bryson Trigg

Calling all Poets!

The Wildcat Poetry Pack

Writing/Reading Poetry Club

Sponsor: Tamera Holzer, 8th Grade ELA/Georgia Studies Teacher

Do you love reading poetry? Do you like writing different styles of poetry? Do you love to write and feel as though you are creative and like to incorporate figurative or sensory language into your writings?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then you may be interested in joining the Wildcat Poetry Pack-our new poetry writing and reading club. This inaugural club will begin in January and will meet twice a month, on Thursdays-once before school and once after school.

Contact Mrs. Holzer if you're interested!

Student Council 2014-2015

Congratulations to these students who have been elected as Student Council members. We look forward to seeing how these young leaders impact our school!

6th grade

Lilly Bales

Jacob Bull

Ella Hill

Will Riley

Courtney Williams

7th grade

Kyle Allison

Joelle Elisa

Madison Hinckley

Joey Marino

Meghan Pontius

8th grade

Haley Allison

Naomi Chang

Parker Gray

Jade Parazzo

Dillon Lackey

Garrett Brooks

We Need Your Tissue Boxes

8th grade art students are currently working on fall theme tonal drawings. Mrs. Henke needs 30 empty, rectangular tissue boxes for a future 8th grade sculpture project! Please send in your empty tissue boxes!

Seventh Grade Overnight Field Trip

The 7th grade field trip has been scheduled for February 20-21. All students have received information from their science teacher. We want all students to take advantage of this incredible learning opportunity. Please contact Joy Parham if you have any questions!

Thank You for supporting the book fair

Thank you to everyone who supported our Book Fair this year. It was a great success! Special thanks goes out to the many volunteers who helped with it:

Jen Pascual

Mandy Chapman

Dawn Dittig

Jen Mills

Amy Brookins

Sharon Howell

Amy Knowles

Heather Riley

And Shae Cooper for organizing all of the volunteers!

Is your Child Too Sick for School?

Please help us keep our students healthy! Click here to find out the top 10 reasons to keep your child home!

Basketball Cheerleading Photos on December 1 @ 4:30

Chorus News

The NFMS Chorus is eagerly preparing for our second concert of the year! Our Winter Concert will be held at Mountain Lake Church on Tuesday December 16th at 7:00 pm. We will be performing a variety of music, including traditional Deck the Halls, music from The Nutcracker, music from The Polar Express and The Grinch and so much more! We would love for you to come support our choirs and experience a wonderful evening of Holiday Music!

A few select students from 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Chorus will be traveling to Cumming Baptist Church and Cumming First United Methodist Church Friday November 21st and Saturday November 22nd to participate in District 9 Honor Chorus! This is an amazing opportunity for these students as they learn extremely advanced music with all of the schools in our District. They will put on a performance on Saturday at Cumming First United Methodist Church at 3:00 pm.

We also just completed our second fundraiser, selling Cheesecake and Cookie Dough and other delicious desserts! This fundraiser is a huge success every year and it did not disappoint this year! We sold close to $20,000 worth of desserts! Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser and helped our chorus purchase new performance risers!

Our annual Rotunda Concert is coming up on the last day of school before Christmas Break, December 19th. This event takes place during each grade’s connections block. The Chorus will be performing and the rest of the day is devoted to student performances. Students must audition in order to perform in the Rotunda Concert. The sign up sheet will be available outside Ms. Mooney’s room the week of November 17th and auditions will take place after Thanksgiving Break – starting Wednesday December 3rd at 8:00 am going through Friday December 5th. All students are welcome to audition! You can sing a song, play an instrument, do a dance, etc. The only requirement is that you incorporate holiday music to whatever you do! You can also work in pairs, as a trio, or small group if you are nervous about performing alone J Please consider performing if this incredibly fun event!

Attention Eighth Graders: Second Savannah Payment of $80 due BEFORE Thanksgiving Break!

Sixth Graders Learn Business Skills

Recently, our 6th graders completed a Entrepreneurship Product Task Assessment. This completed our unit on European economies. Students developed businesses from flying solar frisbees to robots, a electric vehicle charging stations. Many if our students were placed in the Shark Tank to make their business plan idea and request funding.

8th Grade Basketball Schedule



8th grade

Friday, Nov. 14th @ Little Mill - 8:00

Thursday, Nov. 20th – vs. Otwell – 5:00

Thursday, Dec. 4th vs. Vickery Creek – 5:00

Thursday, Dec. 11th vs. Piney Grove – 5:00

Friday, Dec. 12th @ Otwell – 8:00

Thursday, Dec. 18th @ Liberty – 5:00

Tuesday, Jan. 6th = 7/8 girls @ Lakeside – 5:00

Thursday, Jan. 8th = 7/8 boys vs. Lakeside – 5:00

Friday, Jan 9th = 7/8 girls vs. Lakeside – 5:00

7/8 boys @ Lakeside – 5:00

Thursday, Jan. 15th @ South – 5:00

Thursday, Jan. 22nd vs. Riverwatch – 5:00

Thursday, Jan. 29th – BYE

Friday, Jan. 30th vs. Little Mill – 8:00

8th grade tournament= Feb. 9th – 13th

**Girls’ games begin @ 5:00 (except Fridays). Boys play 10 minutes after girls’ game ends. **

Seventh Grade Basketball Schedule


2014 - 2015

7th grade

Friday, Nov. 14th @ Little Mill - 5:00

Tuesday, Nov. 18th – vs. Otwell – 5:00

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd vs. Vickery Creek – 5:00

Tuesday, Dec. 9th vs. Piney Grove – 5:00

Friday, Dec. 12th @ Otwell – 5:00

Tuesday, Dec. 16th @ Liberty – 5:00

Tuesday, Jan. 6th = 7/8 girls @ Lakeside – 5:00

Thursday, Jan. 8th = 7/8 boys vs. Lakeside – 5:00

Friday, Jan 9th = 7/8 girls vs. Lakeside – 5:00

7/8 boys @ Lakeside – 5:00

Tuesday, Jan. 13th @ South – 5:00

Tuesday, Jan. 20 vs. Riverwatch – 5:00

Tuesday, Jan. 27th - BYE

Friday, Jan. 3oth vs. Little Mill – 5:00

7th grade tournament= Feb.2-6

**Girls’ games begin @ 5:00 Boys play 10 minutes after girls’ game ends. **

Click the link below to read the Wildcat Press: writing from our 7th grade students

Winter Intramurals

Winter weight training intramurals began on November 5. Please contact Coach Ty Carnes if you have any questions.

"The Groom Has Cold Feet" Drama Production

The 8th grade advanced drama class’ production of “The Groom Has Cold Feet” will be Saturday, December 13th at noon and 5 o’clock at Silver City Elementary. Tickets are $15 (ages 9 and up) and $10 (ages 8 and under) which includes the performance and a meal. Tickets are available for pre-sale only beginning on Friday, November 14th until Friday, December 5th. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Tickets can be bought in the front office or in the cafeteria before school and during lunch. Forsyth County badges will not be honored for these performances.

Congratulations to Advanced Drama and Jarod Denmen

The 7th Grade advanced drama class received a superior rating at the first Forsyth County middle school one act competition this past weekend with their performance of “Virgil’s Wedding.” Jarod Denmen received the best actor award for NFMS.

Want to know more about NFHS?

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