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Things are great in room 308!

Holiday Ideas

Hi families! While your kids were out of school last week, teachers attended some fabulous professional development at the Star Summit. One of the sessions I attended was about visual perception in children. Perception is different than visual acuity, a child can still have 20/20 vision and have visual perception issues. Without going into a lot of technical detail, our increased use of technology is having some very negative impact on our children's eyes, from the way they view letters on a page to the overstrengthening of the muscles that pull eyes to look downward (think of where you hold your phone/tablet) and the undevelopment of the muscles that help your eyes look straight ahead and even up.

How can you help? Limiting screen time is a great start. And since many of you might be starting Christmas shopping soon, consider buying puzzles, fun markers and pens, small notebooks, clipboards, stickers, paint, blocks, legos, etc. If you saw the fascination our class has with highlighters, pens, and sticky notes from Dollar Tree, you'd be amazed! These would be fabulous items to put in an advent calendar or Christmas stocking.

Scholastic Book Order

Speaking of books, Scholastic Books is a terrific way to order inexpensive books for your family! You can order online from a wide variety of catalogs for all ages. I will send home the paper flyers tomorrow, but you can also order by going to https://orders.scholastic.com/HFMQB for a bigger selection. The cut off date for this order is Nov 30. After I place the order, books will be in within the week so you'll have time to enjoy and read any holiday books you might order. I am also happy to keep secret any books that you are purchasing as gifts for your child.

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Scenes From Our Week.......

We were loving the weather this past week. It's rare to have such nice temperatures this time of year! Our science unit of study right now is Plants and Animals and we started off with some lessons on living and non-living. We took our investigations outside to the outdoor classroom this week. Ask your kiddo how they know if something is living or non-living, you should get several answers!