Islamic empire

How does certin leadership effect rise of an empire?

Ottomans- Turkey

Culture- neighborhood mosques searved as reigious and social center for muslims.

Politics- ottoman sultans made all importabt decisions for the empire the officals collected taxes and kept peace in the empire.

economy- most people worked as farmers, grew grains infertile area like egypt, syria and land surrounding black sea. they traded grains which was good money.

Safavids- Persia

Culture- they adopted the Persian customs and even language.

Politics- they had a good system and a rich culture. Which would make them last them till twentieth.

Economic- the economy in Safavids was very good, since it was located in the Silk Road. They made Persian rugs which was really wanted by the westerners.

Sultanates- india

They ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1299-1922, defended against the Mongols,

Culture- Sunni Islam,extremely diverse, mainly Turkish, Persian language

Politics- had Persian influence, government was sultanate- oligarchy (small groups of people controlling a country)

Economy- traded across Europe and Asia, depended on agriculture and trade, all around good economy.

Mughals- India

Founded in 1526

Culture- unique architecture, traded with Arab and Turkic land.

Politics- absolute monarch, had an emperor, really sturdy.

Economy- traded like everyone else, did farming relied on agriculture, very well organized.

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Critically thinking questions

What do all of the Islamic empires have in common? If they do then, how and what effect did it have on the rise and fall and culture?

Essential question

How does certin leadership affect the rise of an empire?