Burbank Bulletin

Extended Closure Update, March 23, 2020


Dear Families,

I hope that this message finds everyone safe and healthy during this second week of our extended closure. This is such a trying time on so many levels. With so many unknowns and elements out of our control, it is difficult to imagine that just a month ago we were talking about March Madness and planning for upcoming events. As a parent myself, I empathize with all of you; it seems that each day presents itself with new challenges for our children, for ourselves, for our community. There are so many unknowns and so many questions left unanswered. However, what we do know - what I know - is that our community is incredibly strong, and we will find our way through together. I could not be more appreciative of all of you, our families and students. Please know that you are settled deep in my thoughts now and moving forward.

We are working hard to prepare for our return to school on April 7th. With that said, we are obviously aware of the quickly changing landscape in which we find ourselves. The NRSD Leadership team, in partnership with the NRSD Department of Teaching and Learning and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, will continue to plan proactively for our students should the closure be extended. We recognize that our plan may need to continue to evolve.

In the short term, our teachers have recently updated our distance engagement opportunities for students at each grade level and in each content area. These engagement opportunities can be accessed via the Luther Burbank Middle School website. From our website, click on Staff Directory and locate your child’s teachers. Each teacher has a website indicated by the globe icon. Click on this icon for the teacher’s distance engagement opportunities which are listed right on the front page. Should you or your child have technical challenges while accessing our distance engagement opportunities platform, please reach out to me. For those with Comcast service, Comcast has announced increased access to and speeds of internet essentials for families in need during this time. Specific information about this enhanced service is provided here. The NRSD is not endorsing this service, but I share this information with those families who may find it helpful. As well, please find some helpful information, below, about different ways to borrow books from local libraries and beyond through virtual lending. I just signed up for an e-card through the Boston Public Library and the process was very simple.

Please also be reminded that our Grab and Go meal kits are available for families in need in a “drive-through” set up. This week, meals are available at the front door of Luther Burbank from 11:00 - 12:00 noon. Meal kits include lunch and breakfast items for the next day. This schedule is expected to marginally change next week to meet our community’s needs.

Stay safe and know that we are here to help all of you in any way we can.

Yours in partnership,

Laura Friend

Helpful Tips and Ideas on Borrowing Books Virtually

Boston Public Library - Who knew that signing up for a BPL was so easy? Students 13 and older can sign up for an electronic library card at this link. The process is very simple and the e-card is good for one year. With this electronic card, students/families can borrow electronic texts when using Overdrive or Libby.

More on Overdrive - If families have a Thayer Memorial Library card or a BPL card, materials can be accessed online through Overdrive. Information about Overdrive is available on the Thayer Memorial Website at the bottom of the page; a direct link to the Overdrive kids section can be found here. Those with a Thayer Memorial Library card would sign in as a CW/Mars patron.

If students and families are looking for guidance as to which books to choose, here is the link to the summer reading recommendations tab on our library website. Mrs. Brennan will be adding more book recommendations for 2020, but all the books currently listed are great choices.

Junior Library Guild - The Guild is offering students access to free eBooks through their digital library platform. Students can click on the middle school section, choose a book, and have immediate access to the eBook on their Chromebook. Click here for the link: https://www.juniorlibraryguild.com/at-home.

Audible - Audible is hosting a free selection of stories, handpicked by their editors. This service is free and requires no sign-up or commitment. Click here.