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Qi Gong Practitioner for People & Animals, Certified Internal Martial Arts Instructor, Animal Communicator, Writer

We all carry the story of our lives in our hearts.

Would you like to change your story? Would you like to remember the past with nostalgia and warmth instead of pain and regret? I challenge you to bring your story to an ancient internal martial arts practice called qi gong where you can sort through your memories, the energy of the past, present and future in order to begin anew.

I know this sounds too good to be real. But, there are countless testimonials about how real it is. In order to experience this transformation you must learn Pangu Shengong, then practice everyday. You can read all about it, memorize what the definition of qi is and ask all the questions that you can think of, but you will only begin to truly understand when you set aside the time, put in the work and practice.

Qi Gong is perhaps as old as Chinese culture itself. Throughout its complex history, Chinese culture has employed Qi Gong as medicine, warfare, for increased memory and intelligence, and as a way to reach transcendent, ecstatic states of being to commune with the Divine. The unique foundation of Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong is transmitted to the practitioner from the teacher, so the ability is present instantly and progress begins at once. The focus required for this Qi Gong is maintained by the Divine throughout the form without interruption. The results are often miraculous. If you are interested in a strong and healthy body, a clear, alert and tranquil mind, and a spirit aligned with the Divine, learn Pangu Shengong.

Allow your heart, where all the wisdom you’ll ever need is, to lead you to a new experience. Contact me today! Learn Qi Gong! I only badger you to learn and keep up your practice because Pangu Shengong saved my life. I went from being wheelchair-bound and profoundly depressed due to rheumatoid arthritis to empowered, happy, self-reliant and mobile. Now, do you understand my passion?

See you at an event!

Peace and Love,


August Events

  • Every Tuesday - Golden Hill Meditation 7-8 pm $10 - Experience a qi energy adjustment while I take you on a healing guided meditation with soothing, natural imagery. An inexpensive option for a soothing introduction into energy cultivation and meditation.Long Life Wellness Center Cary RSVP

  • Pangu Shengong Moving Form Instruction Wednesday, August 16th 7-8:30 pm $120.00 retake $10.00 - Learn the foundational form of Pangu Shengong qi gong. Learn once, practice everyday, change your life! RSVP

  • Pangu Shengong Non-Moving Form Instruction August 17th 7-8:30 pm $120.00 -Learn the next form of Pangu Shengong qi gong after practicing the moving form diligently for at least one month. This is a meditative form of qi gong that strengthens the nervous system and cognitive function as it heals the heart and soul. RSVP

  • Pangu Shengong Group Practice Saturday, August 19th 10-11:30 am - FREE after learning the moving form. We practice together, have refreshments, answer questions, and discuss Pangu Shengong's philosophy of kindness. Garner contact for address & RSVP

2 long distance slots via Skype or FaceTime are available for all events. Contact for long distance reservation


Qi energy adjustments for People or Animals

Animal Totem Readings (Intuitive & Empathic Advice),

Animal Communication

One on one Golden Hill Meditation

Discounted Hour Appointments - Normally $65 - Now - $40 You must mention my newsletter discount in order to receive discount.

The appointment can include: Qi Energy Adjustments, Animal Totem Readings, Animal Communication or one on one Golden Hill Meditation. Some combinations are applicable.


  • Have you learned the Pangu Shengong Moving Form and have been practicing for at least a month? I am now certified to teach the Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form Qi Gong. This form cultivates energy for the different structures and functions of the brain and central nervous system while developing stronger sensory and cognitive functioning including improved memory, creativity, and is also good for improving spinal cord conditions. It enhances your spiritual development by improving the connections between your heart, soul, and nervous system. The form also helps with sleep disorders. More Information
  • I see clients exclusively at the Long Life Wellness Center - 1127 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC. House Calls available for Animal Friends!
  • I am currently expanding my skill set and studying medical qi gong with Paul Fraser. I'll have more to offer you soon! :) What is medical qi gong?


Cristen Bopp, LLC

Services : Pangu Shengong (Qi gong, Internal Martial Arts) Instruction Moving Form & Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form. Qi Energy Adjustments for People & Animals. Oracle & Animal Totem Readings One on One or Events. Animal Communication, Hospice Care, Rainbow Bridge Passage Support - All Species & Ages. Golden Hill Meditation © - One on One, Group, Work Events

Click here to Join our local Pangu Shengong Meetup. This meetup is a way to bring locals of the Triangle together to learn The Art of Life Force through Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga.