Stylist Profile


Jamie Dunlop Khau

Married with three daughters

Became a stylist in April

I attended a few trunk shows held by stacy,she made me feel like I would be a great stylist,considered it in the back of mind for a while and after having my third daughter and deciding not to re open my multi age family child care facility, jumped on the opportunity.

Short term goals with Stella to sponsor at least two in the new year. Long term goals: make Stella my full time career :)

Plan to spend my earnings on extra curricular activities for my family,and saving for our first trip to Hawaii!

After running a small licensed child care to stay home with my children, I was in need of a change, really missed adult interaction, and love fashion!! Stella seemed to be everything I was looking for :flexibility,extra income for the family,endless opportunities for adult interaction and most importantly another career that enables me to stay home with my daughters.

I love to joke around and have fun with everything! After all, laughter is the best form of medicine!

My favorite face make up is Laura mercier. Her tinted moisturizer evens out my skin tone and gives it a glow!