Animals In The Amazon Rainforest

By: Karla Hostetter, Jessica Showalter, Keira Johnson

Animals That Are Avalible To Eat

Those Animals Are...


Take a spear and dip the ends in the manioc poison, so when you throw the spear at the deer and hit them, it will injure them even more then it would with just a plain spear.

Wild Pig/Boar

Take your weapon, dip the tip in the poison from the manioc plant. Go hunting and score a boar!


Squeeze the poison out of the manioc plant into a bowl. Take your spear, or weapon, and dip the end in the poison. This will make you be able to get the animal on the first shot! ( If you hit them. )


Dipping the ends of your spear in manioc poison is best, but you can always use other poison instead too. When you catch your sloth, take out the part where it was hit because then you you will be poisoned too.


Catching a cockroach is hard, but if you have a waterbottle or a tall vace of some kind, put some food in it, set it on the ground and wait. Your cockroaches will come to you! When you catch your cockroach you can toast it, fry it, or boil it.


Caterpillars are pretty much easy to catch. You just have to find them. You can find them on shrubs, trees, or bushes, but be careful. There are some poisonous caterpillars. To cook caterpillars, you have to follow four important steps. Number one: Make sure the caterpillars aren't poisonous. Number two: Rip of the fuzz. Number three: Wash them in water. Number four: Put them in a pot, with a little bit of water, and set it on the fire. When the water is all gone, take the caterpillars off the fire. Now Enjoy!

Poisonous caterpillars

BEWARE!!!There are some poisonous caterpillars that you need to stay away from. Do NOT eat these or you will be sick from the poison. There are also some very poisonous caterpillars that with just a touch, you can become extremely ill. DO NOT TOUCH THESE CATERPILLARS!


Get your bag. Put the crickets in the bag, which might be hard, and put them somewhere cold so it slows them down. Now they won't be able to move. You don't want to kill them. put them in the pot and let them sit there for an hour. Make sure your fire is around 200 degrees. If not cook them longer. When they are ready, sprinkle some salt on top to give it the extra good yummy flavor. Dinner Time!


Catch the grasshoppers by grabbing them off the leaves, but do it early in the morning because then they are lazier and easier to catch. Cook them this way once you have a good amount of grasshoppers. Step One: Peel their "skin" off. Step Two:

Animals that are NOT ok to eat

Poison Dart frogs

The frogs are poisonous and would make your body sick. They are unhealthy to the body.

The Spur-winged goose.

The spur-winged goose is a goose that is not good for your body as well. All of the following animals are also unhealthy to the body.