Adesse 2015

1st Team Winners and More!

Our 1st Class Winners!

(Here's the news that should have been released last week. Apologies for the delay.)

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 1st Class Incentive determined with sales and participation totals on Wednesday, December 3.

The formula for determining the winners:

Participation Percentage (# of students who sold tickets / # of students in class)

x Number of Tickets Sold by Class

Magic Number!

This week the 'Magic Numbers' ranged from .375 all the way up to 67.26.
Our top 3 classes are all at the high school campus. So, following the Jr-Sr High Mass celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we made the presentation of the Adesse 1st Class Incentive--an Aquin Cinch Sack for every class member.

In 3rd place with 19.32 is the 9th Grade.

In 2nd place with 27.89 is the 8th Grade.

And our winners . . . with 67.26 . . . is the 12th Grade!

Our Participation Goal . . . 100%!

Currently our participation per class ranges from 3.7% to 65.22%.

After the announcement of the class winners, Mrs. Runte challenged every student at Aquin in preschool through grade 12 to sell at least 1 ticket. Please do your part and meet her challenge and get that participation to 100% in every class!

Easy ways to sell tickets . . .

  1. after Masses at our supporting churches (click here for schedule)
  2. contact/send letters to past winners (all are listed on our website here)
  3. send letters to Aquin Alumni (contact 1 alumni list used so far)
  4. Aquin Fresh-Soph Boys Basketball Tourney (fans coming from 7 different schools & towns) December 13, 15-18
  5. Christmas presents (prizes awarded all year long--the gift that keeps on giving!)

Our Goal . . . $40,000!

$56,000 (2500 tickets x $25/$20*)

-$13,000 (less prize money)

-$3,000 (less expenses)


*As we don't know exactly how many tickets will be sold at the discounted price through December 8, we're estimating that we will need to sell 2500 tickets to reach our goal.

*To reach this goal, each student needs to sell 5 tickets!

Ticket Sale Details

The reduced ticket price of a single ticket for $20 is now over!

But, if you miss the 'reduced price' period, don't worry. You can still get Adesse tickets for $20 if you purchase 5 tickets at one time. This offer lasts the entire selling period!

More Sales Incentives


We will be tracking all ticket sales and for every 10 tickets sold in your name (or your family's name) we will put an Adesse ticket in the barrel in your name. We'll send the ticket stub(s) home as proof at the end of the sales period in January.

New Incentive Dates!

We've adjusted the incentive dates to give everyone a little longer to make those sales. Each incentive period is separated for totals. It is not cumulative. Therefore, even though the Seniors are currently way ahead, everyone starts at 'zero' for the next class incentive.


This will be awarded to the class with the highest 'Magic Number' for sales from December 5-December 18.

  2. Send your 'sold' tickets to either office by 3:00 on December 18 to be included in the totals.


The class with the highest 'Magic Number' for sales from December 19-January 9 wins.

  1. Send your 'sold' tickets to either office by 3:00 on January 9 to be included in the totals.

Grand Prize Winners!

What would you do on a day away? Here are some options . . .

  • go to the zoo
  • play at the Trampoline Park
  • shop at the mall
  • go to the museum
  • see a movie
  • go to an IceHogs game

The grand prize of 'A Day Away' will be awarded to the class with top sales of Adesse 2015 tickets on January 15, 2015.

Totals for 1st Incentive Day . Sales as of December 3

Preschool: 3/21 x 10 tickets sold = 1.43

Kindergarten: 1/8 x 3 tickets sold = .375

1st Grade: 4/11 x 40 tickets sold = 14.55

2nd Grade: 2/13 x 3 tickets sold = .46

3rd Grade: 6/19 x 43 tickets sold = 13.58

4th Grade: 3/16 x 8 tickets sold = 1.5

5th Grade: 4/22 x 16 tickets sold = 2.91

6th Grade: 5/28 x 14 tickets sold = 2.5

7th Grade: 8/23 x 19 tickets sold = 6.61

8th Grade: 10/19 x 53 tickets sold = 27.89

9th Grade: 13/37 x 55 tickets sold = 19.32

10th Grade: 9/23 x 19 tickets sold = 7.43

11th Grade: 4/25 x 25 tickets sold = 4

12th Grade: 15/31 x 139 tickets sold = 67.26

(the first 2 numbers listed by grade are the students who sold tickets/total # of student in class)