Amazon Jungle By Thomas Kirby

Rumble In The Jungle

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Amazon Jungle The Continent its in Is South America
At Night The Amazon Get To 27.C
In The After Noon It Can Get Over 80.7.F
And The Climate Is Temperate Because Its A Rain Forest

Amazon Animals

Jaguar eat fish, frog, monkey, peccary, birds
Jaguar have one the stronger jaws of all cat species
Anacondas Is a Reptile
And Its Diet Carnivore
How Long A Anacondas lives for 10 years
Piranha-Piranhas have silver body cover with red patches that serve as camoflage in muddy waters which they inhabit ,piranha can be 5.5-17inches in length and weight 7.7 pounds

Amazon Plant Life

Epiphytes-Air Plants Grow every where but can be found mainly on the branches ,trunkes and even the leaves
bromelaids are related to the pine apple family their thick waxy leaves from a bowl