christian huygens

titan discovery

christiaan huygens (1629-1695) discovered Saturn's moon Titan on March 25, 1655, with a powerful telescope . The telescope was recovered in 1867 in the University of Utrecht's collection of historical physical instruments. It is now in the utrecht university muesum, where it is treasured as one of the most important objects of the collection. Huygens studied Saturn much more with his telescope and discovered the true shape of the planet’s rings in 1659 as ovals rather then circles

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mars discovery

christiaan huygens found mars surface more then just flat in fact In 1659, he discovered a strange feature on the surface of the Red Planet. It was later called the Syrtis Major. which was a large moutain.and drew a map of mars surface

saturn ring discovery

The rings are about 270,000km in diameter but relatively thin - a maximum thickness of 1km, according to nasa , means that they are difficult to see when viewed edge on from the earth

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technology used

Christian Huygens built the most powerful telescope ever and used it to view all the planets in our Solar System. He spotted a bright moon in orbit around Saturn and called it “Saturni Luna.”