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Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you during your data team meetings on Wednesdays (or Mondays or Thursdays)! If you weren't already aware, John Hattie, educational researcher, has updated his list of things that really impact student achievement. The number one thing that moves student learning is teacher collaboration. That is what we do every Wednesday. We collaborate by looking at student evidence and deciding what to do next. You do it other data team days, too!

This is for you Social Studies!

Great article that relates directly to the direction we are going in social studies! Very interesting reading! Check it out here!

Quite Interesting!

Thought you might appreciate this! It doesn't have to do with only reading, it can apply to ANY subject area. As I was reading it, I thought immediately of my daughter. An avid reader, but a math hater! (Check out the funny she sent me!)

The author states, "so when they hate [math]reading we must attack that first. Not the strategies, not the skills, but the emotion that is attached to everything we are trying to do."

I hope you find this helpful, or at the least, thought provoking!

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I am on a quest to find out about gamification! And so I am on a list-serve for games in education. I found as a result of that list-serve. I looked at different games on there for science and saw some for social studies! The purpose: to find high-quality games, and to create student activities for each of those games.

Hope you find something for you!

For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

You are all my heroes!