Front Row

A Teacher's Critique - Jennifer Phipps ELED 573


This is an educational mathematics app that is designed to differentiate students' math experiences. The teacher creates an account and each student receives a code to use when logging in to the site. The student must take a pretest when logging in for the first time. The test is adaptive so it adjusts to the student's performance as they move through the test so the questions get easier if the student is struggling and harder if they continue to solve the problems correctly. When the pretest is completed, the app then starts the student at a specific Common Core standard and allows them to practice. This app works on iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks.
What is Front Row?

Common Core Standards

According to their site, Front Row is completely aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and take great strides to make sure teachers, students, and parents know exactly where their students are working with regard to the standards.

Common Core Features


This app provides many opportunities for differentiation in math classes. This app is for the RTI student as well as the Gifted student. Students work at their own pace and could make great strides during a school year. I could see this working in my school in the RTI class so students can work at their own pace and start at their level of understanding. This could also be beneficial for the gifted students. At lot of times the gifted student is kind of left out when it comes to differentiation. Even though most gifted students "grow" during a school year, I believe it is not the amount of growth they could have if given the extra attention that the RTI students receive. This app is one way that teachers could give them that extra that they need.

Other Features


The first concern I have with regards to the use of Front Row is TIME! My school already uses a computer-based program so it would be very hard to have time to use this program as well. I'm not sure how effective it is to have students working within different programs. I wouldn't want to add this to what students are already required to do.

The second concern I have is the process by which a computer based program is chosen for a school. I have seen at our primary schools where teachers are using many different programs for differentiation/intervention/enrichment. Should they make the decision to just use one program? If so, how does one make that decision?

Another concern I have is that I have heard parents say that their child has become easily frustrated in the program. Most of these students have been gifted and the parents say the program just got much too difficult. Students needed more and more help from the parent.

Strengths of Front Row

I think one of the strengths of Front Row is its adaptive behavior. If students miss a problem, the program adjusts their level of understanding. The pretest is adaptive as well as the program itself. Students are always working on their individual level. The students are appropriately challenged.

I think another strength is the Teacher Dashboard. Teachers can immediately how their students are progressing. They are able to print individualized worksheets for their students and can print a report card for each students based on their mastery of the standards.


Right now students are given multiple choice questions and single answer problems. I would like to see the addition of multi-step, multi-answer problems.

Students earn coins each day, but there is really no explanation of what students can do with these coins. I believe that this is something that is being addressed. I believe there is to be an update soon to the software.