Week of August 24-28, 2020

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Dear Calvin Park Families,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! We are so appreciative of your patience and support as we work together to plan for the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff as we begin the new school year.

We have spent much of the summer planning for a safe return to school, adjusting and adapting our plans as we receive new information from the Ministry of Education and from Public Health. Some of the protocols and procedures that we will be implementing are included in this newsletter. In addition, there are links to the Limestone School Reopening website as well as to the LDSB Family Reference Guide, for further information.

We have received confirmation that there will be a staggered entry to start the school year between Thursday, September 3rd and Friday, September 11th. We are finalizing our plan for our staggered entry so please look for an email this week with more details. The staggered entry to start the school year will provide multiple opportunities for smaller groups of students to learn important routines and health protocols, as well as to ease anxiety and support a safe re-entry to school, before all students attend together on Monday, September 14th. Families will receive a welcome email to share information about class placement and further instructions for the first day.

We will continue to send out the Calvin Park Update every Sunday evening through an email link. Please note that the majority of communication from our school and from the Board is distributed electronically. In addition, please check our website, download the School Messenger app to receive notifications, and follow the Calvin Park and LDSB Twitter accounts to find out the most current information. Please call our office to update your contact information if it has changed since last year or if it changes during the school year (this includes email, address, and phone numbers). Also, please call our office if you require paper copies of any communications.

At Calvin Park, our staff is committed to working together with our families and community to support our students emotional, social and academic development. The last six months have been challenging for all of us and we will continue to focus on the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff as we learn together. Please do not hesitate to call the school or email us , if you have any questions and concerns.

Take care of each other and stay well,

Mrs. Elizabeth Suriyuth, Principal

Ms. Wilma Pettingill, Vice-Principal

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Please continue to check these Limestone District School Board platforms for the most up-to-date information from our Board.

LDSB Website

LDSB Twitter:

LDSB Facebook

LDSB Instagram

In addition, please follow our:

Calvin Park Twitter account: @CalvinPark_LDSB or

Calvin Park Website:

Calvin Park Public School Office: (613) 542-2796

Ms. Gale Martin, Office Administrator

More Ways to Stay Connected

  • SchoolMessenger account: Set up your School Messenger account, review your contact information and communication preferences, join teacher-instant messaging groups, and view all your alerts and messages in one place. Watch the video tutorial
  • Board Mobile App: The free LDSB Mobile App for Smartphones allows users to view district and school news and events, sync school calendars to their personal phone, receive school messages and report and review student absences. Watch the video tutorial.

More information about communication tools can be found on the LDSB website: SchoolMessenger Communication Tools

Safety Practices

We will be sharing additional information with you about the return to school but we would like to take this opportunity to share some of the safety procedures and protocols that we are implementing.

  • All students will be a part of their homeroom classroom cohort and will remain together throughout the day both inside the school and in a designated area for each cohort outside on the yard.
  • Students will be assigned a desk/table area in their classroom and will remain in their classroom for the day. Rotary teachers (French, Music, etc) will move from classroom to classroom. Student movement in classrooms will be limited.
  • The cafeteria will not be open and students will eat at their desk/table in their classroom.
  • Students will be assigned specific entry/exit routes
  • The school will be split into two groups so that only half the students will be on the yard for recess in their designated zone at any time.
  • All students and staff are required to wear a mask while indoors. Exceptions to masking for staff and students are for medical reasons only.
  • There will be more outdoor learning opportunities and additional outdoor breaks.
  • Signs and other visuals will be used throughout the school for controlling flow of students.
  • Large furniture will be removed to provide more space in classrooms.
  • Regular hand sanitizing/hand washing routines for all students and staff.
  • Students will not be using lockers this year to avoid students gathering in the hallways so each student will need a backpack or bag to carry their lunch and materials and to hang on their chair.
  • Students will not be sharing materials.
  • Water fountains will be closed to students, but bottle filling stations are available. All students should bring a water bottle.
  • To begin the year, shared spaces such as the gym and music room will not be used. This will be reviewed regularly throughout the fall. Gym class and Daily Physical Activity will continue outside, and music will be taught in homeroom classes (or outside).
  • All of our classrooms have windows that open for fresh air circulation.
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Back to School Supplies

Individual School Supplies: Sharing of individual school supplies will not be encouraged or allowed. The school will provide each student with basic school supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, etc. however, you may want to purchase additional supplies for your child as well as a pencil case to store their supplies (ex. pens/pencils, eraser, scissors, pencil crayons, pencil sharpener, calculator, ruler).

Masks: We recommend student bring two to three comfortable re-usable masks. Re-usable masks that are worn need to be washed each day. Disposable masks cannot be worn for more than one day. We have supplies of disposable masks at school, if needed.

Outdoor clothing: We will be going outside for learning and exercise in a variety of weather so we recommend students bring appropriate clothing for the weather each day.

Water bottle: Water fountains will not be open but water bottle filling stations will be use, so students will need a labelled water bottle.


  • Students may want to use a fanny pack or other small bag at recess to carry masks at recess and any other supplies (such as hand sanitizer, kleenex, etc).
  • Families may consider purchasing a Chromebook for your child's use as they will be using them regularly as they move through Grade 7 and 8 and into high school. We have some devices at school for student use.

If you require financial support to purchase any suggested items please contact Mrs. Suriyuth or Ms. Pettingill at the school.

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We are happy that we were able to lend out so many devices for student use last spring but now we need them back!! If your child is returning for in-school learning, please return all borrowed Chromebooks and iPads (and power cords!) to the school on your child's first day. We need them for in- class learning and they will be disinfected before they are used.


Protect yourself and others by following all public health recommendations including mandatory face coverings in all indoor spaces. We all need to do our part to stay safe and healthy!
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