Canada In 2060

How is Canada going to be in the future?

Will Canada Be The Same?

How might Canada look like in 2060? Canada right now is one of the best countries. We have free health care, free education and we have maple syrup! but will Canada always stay like this, will the population be the same as it is today, will there be freedom of speech?


Current: As of right now most of Canada's immigrants are coming from Asia, they had the largest source of immigrants for the past five years and most of them come from countries like China, India and Philippines. Most of the immigrants live in urban provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. One interesting fact about Canada's immigration is that about 3.5% of immigrants make the population of what Canada's is today.

Future: I think that in 2060 Canada's immigration will be the same as it is today and most of our immigrants will still be coming from Asia and from places like China and India mostly because if you look at it most of Canada's population is made up from parts of Asia and I also think that the percentage of the immigrants who come from Asia will double.


Current: the demography in Canada right now is not at its best because researchers have said that as we get more into the year 2015 there will be more seniors than young people in Canada, back than the population pyramid was booming with young people that's because of the baby boomers but now all the baby boomers are at there 50s-60s and since Canada fertility rate is so low ( 1.59 births per women ) Canada will take longer to grow and become a better country and that will affect a lot of things like the production rate or the labour force. one fact about our demography was that in 2006 about 17% of Canada's population consisted of young people less than 15 years old and only 4 years ago ( 2011 ) the number of seniors aged 65 and up increased 14.1%. one more fact is that since the death rate is ( 8.42 per 1000 ) in a few years the death rate will increase dramatically because that is when all of the baby boomers will die.

Future: My idea of what the demography will be like in 2060 is that I think we will be more better because if the birth rate stays where it is at right now ( 10.28 per 1000 ) or more than that means we will have more young people instead of seniors and that will increase everything because it will lead to a better education and more job opportunities and soon Canada will grow to become better.

First Nations!

Current: The First Nations were on of the first people to settle in Canada and they were not treated very fairly when the European people had come but since than the population of the First Nations have increased a lot right now the population of the First Nations is close to 1.2 million and the First nations people might even grow more because of there high fertility rate back in 2001 it was close to ( 8.5 per 1000 ). one fact about the First Nations is that 60% of them living in Canada are North American Indians.

Future: I think that the future of the First nations in 2060 will be that they will be treated more fairly and not be made fun or be less heard of than everyone else because in the past Canada had apologized to the First Nations about what they had done to them and their families about all of the residential school's and the Indian Act and I think that the First Nations people will be treated as everyone else and be known as a Canadian instead of a Indian.

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The Indian Act


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In conclusion, I think that Canada will be a better country in the year 2060 because of how good the immigration, demography and the First Nations will be and that is what this smore is about
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