Wind Belts

Jessey G and Matt M

Definition of Wind belts

Covers the entire earths wind patterns. These can be broken down into 4 wind belt systems in each hemisphere.

Causes of Wind belts

The trade winds blow from the east and die out as they come near the equator.The westerlies blow from the west and move storms across the united states.The easterlies blow from the east and they cause stormy weather to occur when cold air forms this belt meets warm air of the westerlies.

Effects of global winds

Global winds are caused by the movement of the earth, Atmospheric pressure and different elevations on the surface of the earth. Which effect us with storms and different wind patterns and pressure.

Locations of Global Winds

Prevailing Westerlies are between 30 degrees and 60 degrees latitude.Easterlies occur 0 degrees to 30 degrees latitude.

How Global Winds affect Virginia Beach

Virginia is located in the prevailing westerlies (30-60 Degrees latitude) It is nicknamed the roaring 40's.The Westerlies are very unpredictable and they originate from the west. 


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