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Welcome to my 7th grade science class!

Here, you can find fun and helpful links full of resources and games that will help you understand and enjoy science. Take a few minutes and look around! You might find something that interests you. :)

The standards I've chosen for seventh grade science.


Recognize that adding heat to or removing heat from a system may result in a temperature change and possibly a change of state.


Investigate and describe the transformation of energy from one form to another.

Paragraph on the usefulness of online posters

As a teacher, an online poster can be incredibly useful. Teachers can share so much information with their students because the poster is on the internet, making it easy to find. Personally, as an elementary school teacher, I can post reminders of homework and tests on my online poster and have it set up so that I can send an email to the child and their parents so that they remember to check the poster every time I make a change. As I previously stated, I can also use it to post helpful links for both parents and students. Viewers of the page can comment, so children and parents can comment to ask questions, or to request content on the poster that I can quickly add, instead of having a parent or child tell me in person, and I as a teacher having to print out a resource for the child. The online poster saves time and is simply more accessible. I'm glad it's available for use.
Soap in Microwave
Science Hangman!

Click the standards you would like to include (in this case, include 7th grade science in the first box) and press "I'm ready! Let's start!" under the box. Don't worry if you miss questions, it's just a game for you to practice. Nothing graded! :)

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The above picture shows three different ways heat is transferred. The below photo shows how heat can change the state of a substance.

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