Audience Feedback

Draft trailer, poster and magazine

Draft Stage

We conducted a focus group in order to receive feedback on our draft trailer,magazine and poster picking up on what works well and what we could do to improve. We firstly set this up by an opportunity sample at the time period our group were free and asked an equal amount of boys and girls to conduct our feedback. We organised a mixture of open and closed questions in order to effectively get their honest opinion on our trailer,magazine and poster so far.

Draft Trailer

After the preparation to gather a focus group within our target market and had some variation between them all, I started to show them my draft stages of development. Firstly was the trailer, after they had watched it I gave them a few minutes to get their head around it and then recorded their audio of what worked well and potential improvements.
hannah darcy alli film trailer draft
We conducted our draft trailer feedback as an audio voice over, recorded on our phones then uploaded and edited it in Premiere Pro with our trailer over the top.
Draft trailer focus group feedback
These are the questions that I asked my focus group on the different elements on my magazine and poster.
Focus Group Draft Stage

Draft Poster

When asking my focus group for feedback I deliberately showed them my poster and magazine after watching my trailer. This was so they could establish my genre and because the trailer centres around the promotional package I thought it would be easier for them to give effective feedback.

Draft Magazine

I asked our focus group to discuss what they thought about my magazine as a whole as well as different features like the composition and the general layout; also whether they instantly recognise it as a film magazine or not. I also asked them on their views on a range of my thought processes and my intentions like including the key protagonist in all of my multi-model context, so they all anchor the trailer's plot and advances the narrative.

Peer Assessment

Feedback reflection

After conducting this useful variety of feedback for my DRAFT stages I then went to improve all my designs in order to appeal to my target audience more. I learnt a few different things about how my work was viewed that I personally would never have picked up on. For example my focus group thought that the 'MOTTO' masthead on my magazine front cover didn't reflect a film magazine and in fact, reminded them of a music magazine. As well as feedback on my poster which consisted of one person suggested having the picture illustrated so it would link in with my illustrative image on my magazine and show continuity, whilest clearly reflecting my Independent genre. Other feedback gained from my trailer were very broad and effective, stating things like making the pivotal shot more intense so it speeds up the pace and intensity; making it look like the exclusion of no dialogue is intention and not an accident. Overall the feedback was very strong, allowing me to make changes to my promotional package in order for it to be more effective to my audience.