MHS Media Minutes

March 2018

Maximize Instructional Time & Resources (M-6)

Alternative Library Uses

While we are always happy to schedule library time for teachers who request a space for student research or give students the opportunity to select independent reading books, you can also reserve the Media Center for other uses. Over the last month, MHS students have visited the library for station work, gallery crawls, collaborative multi-class projects, DEAR, and a Socratic Seminar.

If you would like to sign up for ANY of these activities, please take a look at our calendar and let us know what you want to do.

Collaborative Multi-Class Projects

The ABCY quartet (Agar, Bustle, Clark & Yunker) scheduled the Media Center for three days, as their English 2 students created egg drop contraptions, filmed propaganda videos (with ethos, pathos & logos), and debriefed about the dangers of blindly following/not questioning authority after the projects were dropped from the top of the new wing stairwell.

Please reach out if you or members of your ELT are interested in a multi-class library project in your content or even across the curriculum.

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Collaboration Celebrations

Thank you to the following staff members for bringing students to the Media Center or asking us to work with your students over the past month: D. Bustle, Fitzsimmons, Oliver, Rominger, Trahan, Beltran, Hooper, Holston, Stonestreet, Foulks, Walls, Beaty, Landis, Mical, Royal, Foster, Agar, R. Bustle, Clark, Yunker, Carpenter, Rotunda, T. Smith, May, L. Smith, Chapman, Jiménez, Schall, and Carr.

How can we help you in March & April? We look forward to assisting teachers who are new to collaborating with us as well as those who are frequent library users.

Read Across America

Last week, schools across the nation celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss during Read Across America Week. Many teachers wore literacy-themed shirts and even read children's books to their students. Pictured right is Mrs. Bustle reading Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree to English 2 classes.

This week, 60 Book Club members, Media Assistants, AP English Lit, and Spanish 4/5 students traveled to Rocky River for the elementary school's Read Across America festivities. Our high school ambassadors were well received in the K-3 classrooms they visited. We are especially grateful to RRES librarian Ms. Jayne for inviting us to read, bus driver T. Smith, participating teachers Chapman & Jiménez, and all of the students who volunteered to read. If they missed your 4th block class for this service project, we appreciate your support.

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Women's History Resources @ MHS

Not only are the databases and online encyclopedias listed below helpful for locating information about notable U.S. and international women, but they can also be used for other research needs. Refer to for login info.

Searching for something specific? Please email us so that we can order a book/eBook for the Media Center or curate a curriculum-aligned pathfinder for you.

Branch Out & Bloom

Try a new instructional strategy this spring. Read more about the following tools:
  • Circle of Viewpoints Thinking Routine
  • Question Formulation Technique (QFT)
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Educator Humor

Because this scenario doesn't only apply to librarians...
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