First Grade News

Sept 29 - Oct 2


  • Thank you to all the parents who are taking the time to study spelling words and reading with their child every night! Your efforts and hard work is paying off and becoming very evident in the classroom.
  • Please be sure you are checking your child`s backpack every night. Each day I try my best to write in every child`s book.
  • PLEASE send you child to school with their back pack EVERY DAY! Its hard to send things home when they have no back pack.
  • As I said last week I also now have the option of sending this out via email. So if you would like to receive the news letter please write your email address in your child's planner.

Upcoming Events

  • September 30 Flu Shot Clinic for Students who signed up
  • October 2 Major Saver Fundraiser Kick Off
  • October 6 Fall Pictures
  • October 6 Breakfast with Books 8:30-9:00 come eat breakfast and read with your child in their classroom
  • October 6 McTeacher Night Fundraiser at McDonalds (Forest and 24 Hwy) Come eat at McDonalds and help earn money for our school!
  • October 9 End of First Quarter
  • October 26-29 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 29 Attendance Assembly
  • October 30 No School

Box Tops!

Please help our class earn some special incentives by bringing in Box Tops!

100 Box Tops= Pj Party

200 Box Tops= Pj Party with stuffed animal

300 Box Tops = Pj Party with stuffed buddy and bring your favorite snack.

400 Box Tops= Pj Party and Mr. Soendker will bring Ice Cream for snack!

Spelling List

dog, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you, your, are, all, to, do, be, was, me, we, he, she

Specials this week!

  • Monday- No School.
  • Tuesday- Art
  • Wednesday- PE - Please wear tennis shoes or your child will not participate
  • Thursday- Library
  • Friday- Music

Whats going on at School


  • In math we are working on addition facts, ways to add and how to use a number line.

I can draw a picture to show what adding means.

I can identify the words that mean addition.

I can use counters to add.

I can use number bonds to add.

I can identify the symbol that means addition and equal to.

I can write an addition sentence.

I can count on to add.


This week we will be reading books about fall and apples.

I can describe the author's message,

I can describe character's, setting, or major events of a story using key details.

I can identify who is telling the story at various points of a text.

I can use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting or events.


During writing time our big focus right now is picking a small moment and writing about it instead of writing about a very broad topic.

We are also working on knowing parts of sentences, using punctuation, using proper spacing and writing neat!

I can write about a topic or idea.

I can reread my story to check for clear meaning.

I can write a story: using details, planning in advance, using transition words and using an ending.

I can begin eac sentence with a capital letter.

I can use correct spacing in my writing.

I can use correct end punctuation in my writing.

I can spell new words by sounding out letters and using known spelling rules.

I can recognize that all syllables have a vowel sound.